The rogue Alpha

Jade is an ordinary rogue werewolf. Well that's a lie, she's also an alpha. She lives in hiding along with her family but when an accident occurs they are forced to come out of hiding and face what they have been hiding from all along ' Her Mate'.

Follow Jade and her family in this funny, heartbreaking and surprising drama.


1. *Prologue*

My name is Jade. And I'm an alpha , but I'm also a rogue. Me and my family are in hiding , don't ask why , we just are. You see no one is suppose to know that in an alpha, everyone believes that I'm just a rogue that got kicked out of her pack along with her family, which is true but you know. Now you must be wondering how I ended up being a rogue and an alpha well don't worry am going to tell you. Just know that you'll be on one hell of a ride.

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