His cent always drove me crazy...The way he walked made my mind go black ! I want him I want him to make love to me till dawn . His name is Daniel ramson and one day..He'll be mine.


1. Sarah Bundy

"You're crazy if you would ever do that " Sierra said glancing up at her volleyball trying to be careful to hit it . "Not if you're crazy like me  " I said hitting the ball before her , she of course tripped in front of giving me a look . "Sorry " I shrugged heading over to the locker room . Not everyone here is good at volleyball only like three and that's Kayla , Me and Diana ; Sierra ? Not so much she just tries which got her to be here in the first place .

"Class !!  We have a new student ! " Coach yelled from the doorway , next to him stood a teen guy with black hair and tight black jeans with a red collar shirt . "Ooo he's cute " I Turned my head to the side glazing at Sierra , her eyes were on him the while time . Every new guy she sees she goes for them . But not this one. I like that one . "He comes from Alabama and is new around Canada so I'm giving him a tour of the school " Coach explained to us , He is so cute just by the way he smirks at all of us while holding his backpack on his left arm . "Sarah ! Let's go ! " Karen threw the ball at my legs almost making me fall front "What the fuck dude ?! Watch it ! " I shouted at her picking up the ball "Next Time don't focus on Mr. New guy " she murmured lowly . I turned around watching him walk out "see you later..." I whispered entering the locker room.

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