Mirlotta and Bik are oddly alike, even though their different in every way possible. After their parents both die, they're each left with the burden of fulfilling their death wishes. Now, Mirlotta and trying to fight each other until the other is dead.


1. Mirlotta's P.O.V.

My hand ran across the beautiful rose carved in the willow trees trunk. One of my very few memories left of my father is the of practicing drawing on old tree stumps and tree trunks in the bright moonlight. Paper was a hard thing to come by, since the Lupines had overtaken all of our factories that generated food, purified water, and goods. Father had taken my makeshift dagger from my hand and carefully traced a flower. Then he cut his finger open, and he let his blood color the petals of the rose.

"Lottie, you're my rose," he had said.

I would've never thought that he'd disappear in a moments notice.

That night, I found him with my dagger in his heart. I approached him and put my hand on his arm, taking in him, knowing that he'd be dead in just a minute. "Mirlotta, I want you to do something," he said, breathing heavily.

"What is it, Father?" I asked. "What is your last wish?"

"Avenge me."

It shocked me. I never knew that Father was a violent person. I had never known that he'd ever want to inflect any pain on anyone. 

"What?" I asked. Maybe I'd misheard him.

"Avenge me. Kill the Lupines. KILL THEM."

"Kill the-"

"Kill the Werewolves."

I was shocked. He had never used the informal title of the Lupines before. "What?"
"Do it."

I looked at my feet. "Yes, sir."

He reached up to his heart and pulled out my dagger out. "Take your dagger."

I took my dagger that I had fashioned out of broken window glass and pieces of rotting wood. It was still dripping in his deep, dark, red blood.

"Avenge me, Lottie," he said, running low on breath.

"What?" I asked again.

But it was too late. He was already dead. 



The next night, my father, still in his coffin, was laid on the Blood Red River. On the hill, I saw a dark figure howling at the full moon. A few more of the figures joined the original, laughing and howling at the big, orange moon. I decided then and there that I would fulfill my father's death wish. 

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