Royale looks normal on the outside, but if you look deeper, she's a lot different than you.


1. Prom Prep

"I look terrible! Pink is NOT my color!" I argued. Getting ready for prom was a herculanian task. You had to stuff yourself inside a dress that would bust a seam if you just ate just a subatomic particle of food. And the cost of the dress? Don't even get me started!

"You look fine, Ale!" Kayden screamed back at me. He straightened his bow tie. We had been best friends since we were born, and I got to know him so well that I could tell whether or not he was lying at a glance.

"You're lying, Denny." I put on my best "are-you-serious" face.

"No, I'm not. You look great," he said, walking over to me and pecking me on the cheek. 

I opened my mouth to rebut, but he had already speed-walked out the door. That boy, I sighed in my head. 

I looked in the mirror again and straightened my fake bubble-gum crown. Let's just say that if I ever go to prom again, I will not just get a dress because it looks good on a mannequin-I will try it on. Despite me looking like a big baby in all pink, I actually kinda liked the shape of the dress. The mermaid tail was perfect. Very fitting.

Grabbing my aquamarine mini-jacket, the tube of bright pink lipstick, and my phone, I ran out the door. I had stuffed enough money in my wallet to feed a small army of swordfish, but, so what? I'd have to by some sort of skimpy, expensive food anyway!

I ran-well, walked as fast as I could in five-inch heels-to the door, opened it, and looked in the driveway, expecting to see Denny's rusty old minivan.

Instead of a short, four-door van with peeling blue paint and plenty of rust spots, I saw a luxurious white limousine!

"OMG! Denny! You rented a limo?" I hollered.

Denny stepped out from behind a tree. "Surprise, Ale!"

"It must've coste-" I started to say, then stopped. No, it didn't cost him a lot. I remembered that his father was a billionaire. I changed my sentence. "I thought your father wouldn't give you any money!"
"He said that, if I swore to be a gentleman and buy everything you want to eat, he'd rent me a limo," Denny replied.

"That's amazing!" I called back.

We sat awkwardly for a minute.

Denny started to walk up to me. "I thought that maybe you'd come to the limo."

I pointed to my feet. "Heels and dirt don't mix."

Denny looked at the sky and tapped on his chin, pretending to be confused. "I have an idea!" he said quickly. In one swift motion, he grabbed my feet, and, being careful not to rip my dress, lay me in his arms. My feet dangled from his arms. I kicked him.

"Ha ha ha!" I said jokingly.

"Ouch!" he yelled, giggling. "Royale Rayla Roxanne Tyler!"

"I was just kidding!"

Still holding me in his arms, Denny walked over to the limo. Somehow, he managed to get the door open while still holding me. Personally, I don't know how he saw through my extremely long and poofy dress skirt. He sat down inside, then sat me down beside him. 

"James," Denny ordered, "drive."
"Yes, Mr. Jules," replied the driver, and we were off.

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