Dairy Of A Pokemon Trainer

Dear Diary The legendary pokemon Xerneas has Awakend


1. The journey begins ( teaser )


Dear Diary today i woke up due to my Flechling scaring me half to death. My mom called me down to eat breakfast she handed me a stire foam box with my breakfast in it. I asked her what is this? Oh i forgot to give you this. She handed me a velvet envelope i was confused. Serena i think it's finally time for me to let you. Go on a journey those words made my cry my eyes out but i had to leave tomorrow. Darn i wanted to leave ASAP but i wanted to go to Lumiose City tomorrow I ended up watching TV. I was eating my breakfast and my mom told me to come to her. It was live from Lumiose city I felt like i recognized that boy from somewhere and i did. 10 years ago at a camp i was scared cause i got lost in the woods. I saw a Poliwhirl I knew i shouldn't have came to that camp i hurt my leg. Then out of nowhere this kid popped up. He said Poliwhirl i looked at him in fear i was really scared.  He asked me what was wrong i told him i hurt my leg.



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