Don't be afraid

It was a dark scary night and I was alone until I heard some one whisper "Don't be Afraid."


1. Nightmares...

Hi my name is Jack and I'm in college . " I don't have nightmares." I told you my friends at Lunch. "Sure you do Jack everyone  does at some point." Chris tried to argue with me. I rolled my eyes. "Well I've never  had a nightmare." I smiled cheeky like. "So your saying that your fearless?" Kelly said not sounding amused. "No, I'm afraid of the dark." Chris and Kelly both laughed about my fear. "What's so scary about the dark?" Kelly said ounce she stopped laughing.

I bit my lip not sure if I wanted to say any more. "Come on Jack you can tell us we won't laugh at you again." I sighed knowing they wouldn't stop until they found out. "The dark is just really scary. You never know what could be lurking in the dark. May not be monsters but could it be a killer lurking in and waiting to get you alone. It could be a crazy  person that broke out of some crazy house and is looking for a victim! Who knows their could be a monster waiting in the dark for the night...the dark is just scary because you never know." i simply shrugged if off. I looked up at Kelly and Chris who both looked scared and pale.

"Are you guys okay?" I asked as the bell rang and lunch ended. I simply got a node.  "We'll see you after class Jack!" They both side and went to class. I looked at the time. "Cool 12:42 I have two hours to chill." So  I went to my dorm room setting an alarm and fell asleep. Boy do I wish I hadn't dozed  off that day. I had my first nightmare.


"Don't be scared Jack." Something was whispering to me. I didn't dare to turn around. Instead I just kept running like their was no tomorrow. I ran around a corner and started to catch my breath. The thing ran right past me. I watched in horror as it went past me. 'What are you!' I thought to my self.  The thing was tall and had the look of  slime on it with red eyes. It had sharp teeth and looked hungry and mad. Then it changed into a person that i knew. "Jack? Come out it's me Kelly. Where are you!"  I wanted to come out and run up to her but I knew it wasn't her.

Then all of a sudden I was back in my bed laying down. i sighed thinking t the nightmare was over but it wasn't. "Jaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkkk....." I heard someone say from down the hall. No not was something that was calling me. I looked at the door with horror as the thing from before was back. "Come on Jack your running late."  I was both scared and curious at the same time. "L-l-late for what...?" I asked peaking out. The thing gave me a gross creepy smile. "Your late for dinner." I gulped and looked at him sweating. "What's for dinner...?" The thing smiled happy that I asked. "Why you of course." I woke up screaming

*End of Nightmare*

Rolling over I glared at the clock. "Great it's only 1:30...." I groaned and rolled back over. I thought about going back to sleep but the thought of seeing that thing again  scared me. So instead  went to the school Starbucks and got a coffee hoping to stay awake. the time went by slowly when class time around it went even slower. When class was out I met up with Kelly and Chris. "hey Jack where gonna go see  a movie want to come along?" I smiled and nodded. "Sounds fun what movie?" Kelly looked unsure but excited. "Krumpus..." My smiled dropped. "Oh...great..." Lucky for me they didn't see the color drain from my face.

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