A new day has dawned in BayVille High school. There,the students who are keeping 'secrets' study here, however in the school halls two of those students meet, as Rogue and Pietro bump int each other.

"Pietro" asked Rogue surprised "Rogue" Pietro replied. Just the the bell rang and before the had a chance to make further conversation as they had to rush to class.

Rogue's first class was English with miss Southcome, as Rogue entered the class she noticed that Pietro, Lance, Kitty and Jean where all in the same class. As soon as Rogue took her seat next to Jean and Kitty, she leaned forward and tapped Lance to the shoulder then passed him a note asking about the new kid.

As Lance took the note he wrote down that he didn't know who the new kid was and he didn't care then passed the note back to Rogue. Just as the bell went " Rogue what are you doing here" Pietro said so fast that it took Rogue a couple minutes to understand what he said, but before she had a chance to reply as Jean and Kitty came up behind her "Rogue like come on we'll be late for art" Kitty said.

I'm coming Kitty just give me a minute,Pietro" Rogue said as she turned back to where Pietro was just standing to see that he was no longer there so she sighed and walked with Kitty,Jean and Amara to the art class.

Later that day Rogue was sat with Kurt, Scott, kitty and Jean at the lunch tables but Rogue had stopped warring when she felt a cool breeze go past her,"Rogue are you okay, like you look like toylike just seen a ghost or like something" Kitty said.

I'm fine, listen Scott I'm going to leave early I'm not feeling to good so I'll see you guys later" Rogue said As she stood up but as she stood everything started to spin.

"Woah Rogue are you okay" Scott asked as he went to grab Rogue but a boy with white hair a blue top and dark jeans was stood next to Rogue "who are you and what do you want"

"I'm Pietro and I'm a friend of Rogue's" Pietro said as he helped Rogue to sit down again.

"Pietro what's going on, and why are all you guys looking at me Scott" Rogue asked as she pulled away from Pietro "Rogue you like do know like he's with the brotherhood and your like friends with him" Kitty said "Yes Kitty I know and I also know that Pietro is just looking out for me, look can we talk about this after when we get back I'm not in the mood to be dealing with this when I'm not feeling well"

"Scott, Rogue's right this isn't the time or place to talk about this so I'm going to give Rogue a ride home, most of my classes are finished anyway and Rogue was up late last night studying anyway" Jean said.

"Alright,I'll see you when we get home"Scott said just as the bell for the end of lunch went off.


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