Uncovered-Book Three of the Unnamed Series

Unnamed's love for mysteries is apparent, and after the death of her daughter, Unnamed feels that the detectives should reopen the case. She feels that the verdict was wrong, and that her death was no accident. But can Unnamed prove it?


1. Preview

It's funny how music can bring memories back. The smiling face of my daughter holding a shovel and singing along to the radio, the blazing sun, the wonderful feeling of an occasional breeze, the barks of the small dogs that were on the beach, the yellow sand castles. It's bittersweet to have memories of someone that's died in your, isn't it? You think of the good times and laugh, but then end up crying. You wish that they were still alive and thriving, but that's not how it is.

Even though it's been three years since she's died, I wish that my daughter was still alive. She would've been thirteen, a teenager.

But she's dead. I KNOW she didn't of natural causes like they've said. I'll prove it. I swear I will, one way or another.

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