cal's lil sis

hi i'm 13 almost 14 and my brother is from the band 5sos. we live in Australia and what happens when i'm asked to go on tour with him.


1. Break

Taylors POV:  hey i'm Taylor Hood and yes my brother is Calum from 5 seconds of summer.

     "hey hunny come help me clean you brother and his mates get hear."

     "ok mum"

I look down and see i'm in sweat pants a tank top and a messy pony tail. Oh well i get to see my bro for the first time in 3 months. 

i hear a car pull in and i bolt out the door. 

 "oh there is my babygirl" and with that i run up to him and he picks me up and twirls me around.

"hey cal i missed you"

"i missed you to princess

The rest of the boys get out of the car

"my pizza buddy!!" mikey says

"hey mikey" 

My little penguin is getting to big" luke says sadly so i give him a hug.

"hey drum queen" ash says

"hey ash"

I'm so glad that they are home. Well for a few days then they will leave again.

Cal's pov: So i've been thinking that me and lauryn (taylor, her real name is lauryn) so i'm going to ask her to come on tour. The rest of the boys love her as a little sister, So at dinner i ask her.

"now laur i have an important question to ask you but you can say no"

"hit me bro"

"so me and the boys want you to come on tour with us do you want to?"



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