My life (Calum Hood)

This story is about a girl called Izzy and her best friend maha. They live together and they are very happy. They are not lesbians!


1. 1

Maha pov:

Today is the day of Izzy's 18th birthday and I can't wait to see her face when she opens her present from me. Her face is going to be priceless. I'm really excited I loved my 18th birthday so I'm going to make her one a good one. Basically 5sos made this competition that if you enter you can go on tour with them and me and izzy got picked! I also got her concert tickets so yh! She is still asleep so I''ll go wake her up so I can wish her happy birthday. i creep into her room and see her snoring on the bed so i decide to run downstairs and get a bucket of water. once ive got it, i sprint upstairs and splash all the water over her.

Izzy Pov:

I wake up to freezing cold water being poured over me. What a great start to my 18th birthday. I look up to see who it was and it was Maha. I am really annoyed at her, why would she do this? Probably because I kinda did it to her the other day. She screams at the top of her voice making me throw my pillow at her and then she shouted ''owwww'' ''sorry but you were screaming'' ''I wanted to wake you up cause.......... its your......... 18th BIRTHDAY!'' She pulled me out of bed and down the stairs and there in the living room was presents from friends and family. I opened all of them apart from the one from Maha as she told me not to open it until i've opened all the others. I opened the massive box and there was another box inside and then another and in that box was a letter. Then something fell out the letter I read the letter it just said Happy Birthday. After that I read what fell out and it was a 5SOS CONCERT TICKET AND BACKSTAGE PASSES! I hugged Maha so tight she said ''Can't breath''

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