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"i want you today,tomorrow 
next week,next month,next year 
and for the rest of my life

"my family and friends are my life
an if you have a problem then
keep walking an stay out of my LIFE"

i leave my heart open but it
stays right here empty for days

i am different
i am beautiful
my life is mine 
it does not belong to soceity 
i will be myself

you can say sorry a million times 
say i love you as much as you want
say whatever you want.But if
you're not going to prove that
then don't say anything at all
Because if you can't show it 
your words don't mean a thing

when someone says "you've changed"
it simply means you've stopped 
living your life their way.

i don't want to dream about you 
i want to be with you 

Because when you stop and look around
this life is pretty amazing

I love the ones who
are in my life and make it 
amazing and i want to thank 
the ones who left my 
life and made it even more fanstatic

I don't care about losing people
that don't wanna be in my life anymore 
i've lost people the means the world to me 
and i'm still doing just fine.


I am not a success story

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