Child Of The Sun

Iris blue the not so normal girl takes on the world from being a quiet shy extravert to puting her self out there in this couragous, adventure seeking, inspiring story, that might resulting in Iris's entire life on the line.


1. The beginning

Chapter One

The Beginning


For generations for school kids you could only be a sports bloke, a geek, a duck faced selfie queen, a bully or a basket case, but times have changed, jocks play video games, princesses are on anti depressence or have a phone addiction and geeks basically run the planet. I thought we were living in a brave new world, a place without labels, but every so often, theirs that one moment in high school that changes your perspective on everything.


I am a girl who see's things different to most. Not because I am dyslexic, have down syndrome or any other diagnosis, but because I am psychic. Well at least that’s what I thought I was. To be honest when I first discovered my powers it was really quite scary and yes, I did say powers. You see my grandma told me that thousands of years ago A single drop of sunlight fell from the heavens and from this single drop of sun grew this magic field of flowers. It grew out covering the earth's surface until the powers faded away. Years went on as grass and trees bloomed out over these fields. Ever since, legend has it that flowers are formed by the earths positive energy as to survive they face the light. So on that particular day, right where the sun landed created the strongest powers. Arthur Horus, first man to stand in the exact spot of the suns droplet. Since that day he would hold the most special gift of all. As years and years went on the gene pasted through generations of people and eventually passed through on to me. Iris Blue, a very awkward 16 year old extravert, who loves books, passionate about writing, my dog and I guess apparently has this secret thing called the suns gift.


Dear future generation of the suns gift,

Since I can't really talk about this sorta thing to my friends, grandma suggested writing it down in a book and pass it on to the next sun kid. Like my great great great great great grandad and so on. I haven't really bothered yet reading their stories but for now, here is mine. 

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