eating my wings to make me tame

a series of poems on alternative views
some personal, some general


1. monotone light

i would like to tell you a story.

It's nothing bad 

no need to worry.

Just a cautionary tale you might say 

to keep the little demons away.


Or not, if you choose the path of reason

because really, who want's to spoil the fun?

 in this glorious night-time season

when your best bet is to run. 


The town of stars was it's name

at least that's what they called it before.

the simple folk were to blame

for the horrid name this town bore


what's so horrid about this name you say?

well... because this town was in a constant day.

how the hell could there be stars?

if there is no dark in this world of ours.


"well... isn't it good that there is always light?

It keeps the bad things away after all

and the bad things are tempted by dark, right?

it's better to watch the sun rise, than watch it fall"


Those words were from the little old man 

who's 'wisdom' gave him the name of shaman.

He blocked the night, took the stars as they twinkled 

so no matter the time, a light was sprinkled.


It flooded the town and people's hearts 

and they always felt fine.

Like no sadness weighed down their carts 

they would be safe, for a long long time 


 and that's the end! it finished nicely wouldn't you think?

a world with no sorrow or fear or worries to rethink.

In this world it would be stable. 

Always bread on the table

always smiles around 

happiness is what they found. 


But, would you want this world?

certainly not me, I'd find it absurd.

Because where is the fun in always being safe?

you'd be more interested as a waif.


"the town of stars" before it was monotonous 

was a beautiful place 

because it was dangerous 

definitely somewhere that would make your heart race. 


Me. I'd put up with all the demons and dismay

if that meant I had an interesting day.

Some may find comfort in security

but I'd rather live in a world balanced in mad equality.


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