Unsafe - a poem.


1. Unsafe

I had to stop

and breathe

and accept that you

were unsafe for me


Your eyes

sent my thoughts spiraling.

out of earth, through the atmosphere

into space, past the stars

into the galaxies beyond ours

and finally

to a black hole


Your kiss

made my chapped lips hurt worse

and my neck sore with bruises

that you say your love left


Your hands

broke my bones

tied my veins into knots

dragged me to dark rooms

and pressed me to the walls

and your fingers

laced through my clothing

and made me cold


Your words

had no meaning

they were said with half of a glance

too hard of a hand squeeze

and a lifeless kiss


I had to stop myself

from going back to you


and again

because you are the reason

I am still gluing myself back together

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