Treasures of the snow

Annette knew that she could never forgive Lucien for what he did to Dani, and she was going to make sure that no one else forgave him either. But what is she going to do when she is lying injured in the snow, miles fro home, and Lucien comes past? Will she accept his help?


1. 1.

Annette Burnier lives with her father, elderly grandmother and young brother Dani in a small village in the Swiss mountains. When she is eight years old her mother dies just after Dani's birth, and since the family is too poor to afford a nanny, Annette takes the responsibility upon herself, arranging with the schoolmaster to study at home under her grandmother's guidance. When Dani is old enough for her to return to school, she does well and often gains top marks. On Dani's fifth Christmas, he puts his slipper outside in the snow, hoping that Father christmas will bring him a present. In the morning, to everyone's astonishment, a tiny white kitten has snuggled into the slipper. Dani calls him Klaus and the two become inseparable.

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