Rusting in progress.


1. Dad's Journal.

James Sanders. My name is James Sanders, and the world has rusted. I'll be straight forward. How does nuclear war sound on a global scale? Pretty scary? Well, it was and it is. 

The bombs were sudden, there was no indication or warning, not until the first bomb blew D.C. sky high. It was spread across the headlines, and so much confusion troubled the matters even more. So much had been at stake. The world was scared, what could I say?

Bomb after bomb smashed city's down to the very ground, city by city was blasted into annihilation. It couldn't be mistaken, no longer was there going to be law and soon, there was no news to tell us what was going on. We were on our own.

It wasn't your anticipated anarchy day, no one dared leave their homes. For many days it was quite, and death crept out of the city's along with the radiation. Spreading afar the horizon, seeping through the walls and cracks of our very homes. 

Soon enough my family and I had to take action. My wife, Paris, and my son, Hank. Paris was a few years younger than I was, and Hank had just turned sixteen before the bombs dropped. 

We dashed off heading away from the radiation, that we knew about. Many bombs had dropped long since the news had disbanded. 

The world had changed, from neutral to hostile. Every corner we turned was another chance we could have lost each other, but we didn't. All I want is to protect my family, and provide for them.

Humans aren't even the threat anymore. A group of rogue scientist called the JydeNET has taken complete control of the world as we know it. Declaring anything or anyone they want theirs. 

I feel as if their purpose is for their own amusement, the damn bastards are nuts. Concentrating all of their resources on these demented experiments with no end goal or purpose. 

They even went as far as to build a nuclear bomb, ANOTHER ONE, after everything that had happened.

The bomb may just be a rumor, but I wouldn't put it past JydeNET. The experiments have no limits. JydeNET is everywhere, and plans to stay that way. They've set traps of all the sorts. Luring in any unsuspecting trespassers. 

The organization is so powerful that they pay with full meals for contractors to bring in lab rats (humans). 

Contractors are the people who have been overexposed to radiation and are deemed useless by JydeNET, but they can be some what useful to them by herding in what's left of the healthy.

Which isn't very healthy.

As far as I'm concerned JydeNET is just a bunch of lunatics with corrupted ambition. 

All I can do now is protect my family.


James Sanders ~ A dedicated American until the very end. 7/13/23


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