Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns

Alex is new to See but will she meet her true love, her prince in shining armor!!! Maybe. She meets a hot Dean Ambrose (a.k.a. Jon Moxley) and gentleman Roman Reigns, which does she fall on love with?!?��


1. 💋 I don't know 💋

My name is Alex, and I'm 21 years old. I wake up and get coffee. I sat down at my kitchen table and ate. After I went for a morning run today is my second day at WWE, yesterday was my first when I heat Sasha Banks (yeah me)!!! It's going good I've met everyone but Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, because they went out after Romans big win. But hopefully I meet them tonight at my welcoming party! Now I'm walking back into the hotel building, and i m going to Becky's apartment. I knock, "come in"! I walk in " hey", says Charlotte, "you know what your wearing tonight" . "No fucking idea". " OK let's go to your room and figure this out"! "This way", I say making my way to my room. " OK you have to look sexy but not like a whore you know. Um your complexion is pale so something dark, red, purple or black "? " Red",  I reply."Alright this red dress and the boots with that choker"! "OK", I say going in the bathroom. " Wow"! (It was a red mini dress on with a slit down the chest to 2inches below my breast but was laced up! My thigh high black shiny boots went right with it. And the choker. I was beautiful! I walk out, "holy shit" say's Becky, "damn I could kill you for being so pretty"! " Its true if Paige saw you shed be all over you"! "What"? " Oh Paige is bisexual, she likes guys and women". "OK noted". I'm gonna get ready now so if yous don't mind, but I'll see yous out there"! They left and I get in my clothes. (I put on my silver booty shorts then my white top and the black leather jacket over, And left! On was on my way to meet Becky and Charlotte at the entrance where we go to the ring when a camera lady stopped me," hey what is gonna happen tonight against Brie"!?! "Brie mode is in fairytale not real life so she's going down just like Sasha did! I then walked away. My song started  playing then its, coming in hot by Hollywood undead! I went out waited for them and then cartwheeled all the way to the ring! I got up on the corner, " there are no fairytales in this ring", I yelled! Then squared off with Brie. She fell back and got up. I shoved her in the corner and smackedmher repeatedly. She shoved me back a bit, I got back at it! I got on my the ropes and she pushed me but I landed on my feet. She tried to kick me, but I caught her foot. Twisted it, then pulled I dragged her down to the matt. And put her in a chokehold! Alicia came in and kicked me, Becky chased her out! I kicked Brie in the back then went to the ropes and jumped on her. Charlotte told me to put her in the figure 4 and I listened. She tapped!

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