Never let you go


1. chapter 1

Chapter 1

Kelly POV

'Please ,let me buy a ticket ,please I really need to go to bie's concert .' I murmured looking at the screen of my laptop. 'Thanks god !' Finally ,I bought it !Yay . I was a fan of Justin .His music is sick ,My world ,My world 2.0 ,Believe ,Purpose were my life .The songs were really great .I couldn't wait until the day I went to the concert !!!!!

Harry POV

'C'mon ,lemme get one ,just one !!!!!' I was buying Justin's concert ticket from the website . 'Cool !' I got one . I couldn't wait the day I went to the concert .It would be the best night I had ever had or maybe one of the best night .' Mum ,can I sleep over at ...'My mum cut me off 'NO !you are going to do homework and revision!' 'But I got 90s this year .ok fine 100s next time !' Mum glanced at me . 'Sorry ' murmuring while going back to my study room and studied the whole afternoon. I loved listening music while studying .It made me feel studying is not a boring thing. Wait ,I knew what you were thinking, NO ,HELL NO .I was not a nerdy guy . I was sociable and confident. I just cared about my studies ,I wanted to be a lawyer .

'Dinner !'Mum shouted . I ran to get some food and ran back to my room .'dinner at my room ,studying !'I shouted while starting to eat the steak .No response then I kept eating . I guessed this holiday gonna be a boring one .

I was very boring ,I hoped I could have a girlfriend and study together ! This would be great ! Wait ,no ,HELL NO ! I knew what you were thinking .I were not nerdy ,I was flirty ,fun and romantic . I was just cared about my studies . I was a good student who had good academic. I actually had a crush on Kelly but we didn't always talk ,mostly were about the public speaking thing or talks for the schoolmates .She was beautiful with blue orbs ,long curly hair . She was a good student, confident, kind ,perfect !

At school ,I was a boy who got four brothers ,Louis ,Niall ,Liam and Zayn . For me this was very lucky , they made me stay grounded ,they were great boys .

'Harry......'mum shouted

'Yes ?'I said in the study room drinking a cup of coffee.

'May you go to supermarket and help me get some bacon ,vegetables, carrots ...' I cut her off 'why don't you go with me ,I literally can't remember everything that you asked me to buy .' I said .Mum knocked the door and said 'fine ,then let's go '


Hi ~~~this is my first story ,No hate please

Hope you like it

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