Pernament Vacation

Frustration, desperation you say I need some kind of medication situation, no motivation destination permanent vacation

*sorry for any mistakes*


1. Chapter 1

“Hey my name’s Violet. I’m from Canada. I moved to here because of my parent’s work. And I hate living here, I love Canada so screw Australia.”

“Okay thank you Violet for introducing yourself. You may go to your seat.”

“I always know Canada was cold but I never knew the people were too.”

“Now Matthew don’t be rude to our new student.”

Violet walked to her seat hating her situation. She hated her parents for moving to Australia. She loved her life in Canada. Violet had moved once in her life and that was six years ago in 2005 and she was 9 years old but she still went to the same school. Its 2011 now and Violet is 15 years old and had her life planed out. Now because of the move she has no plan, has no friends and had no time for school.

Violet wanted to be an artist. She knows that she can still be one but she wanted to go around Canada and paint, draw whatever, whenever and where ever. Violet knows that she can move back when she is old enough but she also loves having her parents around and they have no intention of going back. If the scenery in Australia is like Canada Violet might rest for going around Australia and doing the same. Knowing this might not happen she dropped the idea and stopped caring about her future.

When she sat down awkwardly she started thinking of how her new life in Australia is going to screw her over.

‘Well let’s start with my hopes and dreams: my career, traveling across Canada, and having my best friend for basically my whole life. The weather is totally going to screw me over, school is, and the people are, directions, and just everything.’

“Violet. Violet. Violet!” Her teacher said to get her out of her thoughts.

“Um yeah.”

“Luke asked you a question.”

“Um I kinda just got here who’s Luke?”

“The blond guy over there.” He said while pointing to the person beside Violet.

Violet turns to him and said “24.”

“It's not about the work.”

“Oh… Then what is it?”

"why did you say that?"

“To show everyone that I hate this place and so they won't talk to me.”

“Then how are you going to have friends?”

“That's the thing I'm not.”

“Then how are you going to like Australia?”

“Not planning on to.”


“ I'm not going to answer that.”

Luke looks at her weird, shakes his head and then went back to his work. Every once in a while he'll look back at Violet and smile.

Violet knew the answer to Luke's question but did want to answer it. Violet does not want to like Australia because when she gets attached to people or anything else there she would have to move away. She knows that her parents have no intention of moving but Violet thinks otherwise. Violet did not want to tell Luke because that'll go against everything she has to do to not like Australia.

The rest of the day was being lost, introducing herself, making people dislike her attitude, getting hit on and being bullied by people. Violet feels that her day went fine, she has no one that she is attached to, but deep down Violet feels sad but she puts aside being too focused on being with friends with herself.

Luke is all she thought about for the rest of her day. Why would her talk to her? She hates his home country. Why would he, why? Luke felt different than the other people why?

Violet finished her day and she already has a lot of homework. She was already stressed enough from her first day. She just wanted to go home, go to her room and listen to her music. Violet just wanted to forget the horrible shit that happened today.

Violet got her things, went outside and found her parents that were there to pick her up. She got into the car and went home. The ride back home was filled with her loud music. Violet enjoyed this time, she loved this time with her parents. Violet and her parent’s relationship looks more like a friend than a parent relationship and she's happy about that.

“Hey Violet what did you do in school today? Anything different from Canada?”

“Well I did some work, I already have homework and I had a great time. Oh and why did you have to put me in school so far in the year? I have too much to catch up on but its fine I could probably catch up quick. And also the only thing that’s different is that everyone’s Australian and has an Australian accent.”

“Real funny Violet. So nothing different?”

“Yeah dad nothings different.”

“So do have any friends?”

“No but there is this one guy who talked to me.”

“Oooooooo what’s his name?”


“What I want to know!”

“Okay fine I’ll tell ya. His name is Luke and no nothing happened and nothing will!”

“Oh come on Violet is he cute? Is he nice? Is he-“

“MOM stop it!”

“Well is he?”

“Well you could say he’s cute and I only has been I don’t know if he is nice.”

“That’s good. You should talk to him tomorrow.”

“How ‘bout no.”

“Why not?”


“Okay were home girls. Violet you go do your homework okay.”

“Okay dad.”

Violet went into her house and went into her room. As soon as she got to her room she turned on her stereo to listen to her music. Violet grabbed her bag so she can start on her homework. She worked on her truck load of homework for awhile. After two hours she was finished with it. Violet was one of the smartest people in her grade last year. She got the highest mark in all of her classes but she never show it. She did not want to get treated differently like she was a nerd. The only people that knew was her parents and Violet’s closest friends. Those were the only people that treated her the same.

Now that Violet is done her homework she decided to scroll through Instagram. She saw how her friends were, happy and smiling. Oh how she wished that she was still there laughing, living and loving every seconds with them. After few more minutes of looking on Instagram there was a knock on her door.

“Come in.”

“So Violet you got anything more to say about that boy?”

“Uhhh... no.”

“Come on Violet do you have nothing else to say? Are you interested in him? What does he look like? Is he well known around the school?”

“Yes I have nothing else to say but if you want to know what he looks like, he has blond hair, blue eyes, he's tall I think I only saw him sitting down. No I'm not interested in him he seems shy and bet he's an outcast. If he is well known I bet it's because either that he's an outcast or that he's a nerd.”

“What's gotten into you Violet? You used to tell your father and me everything. You used to tell us boy trouble. You used to tell us your embarrassing stories. What happened? Tell us we could help you.”

“Help me? Help me mom I know that'll never happen. You don't help mom, you're just a person that I vent all my problems, and stories to because no one listens to me. When I want to tell you something I'll tell you something.”

With that Violet took her bag and left. She left her room. Left her house and went to the only place she knows either than her home. Starbucks.

When she got there she ordered her usual a vanilla bean Frappuccino. Violet knew that a vanilla bean Frappuccino is plane but she does not like to order “big” things, she likes the simplest things. When she got her drink she sat down and thought what she is going to do when she got home.

She thought long and hard about what she was going to do but then she got interrupted by someone.

“I'd never thought I'll find you here Violet.”

“Go away Luke.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing. Can you just leave me alone?”

"Can you tell me why I found you here? Then I'll leave.”

Violet just looked at him wondering why would he care. He only had a stupid little conversation with him. Violet stared at him for a bit too long so he thought that she was not going to answer and started to leave.

“Wait. I'm here because I have no other place to go and this is the only place I know either than my home. I just wanted time alone away from home.”

“Oh okay. So I'll see you tomorrow then.”

“See you tomorrow Luke.”

Soon after that Luke left with his drink.

When Violet was finished her drink she figured out what she was going to do when she gets home. When she threw her cup away she looked outside and left. As she was walking Violet bumped into Luke again. Luke did not notice her yet which was a relief to Violet. As soon she got close to Luke she realized that she was lost, she did not remember this place. Violet had to do something that she did not want to do. That is to talk to Luke.

“Um hey.”

“Violet hey what's up?”

“Funny thing is I know how to get to Starbucks but I don't know how to get home. I was just wondering if you know Where Edwards St is?”

“Uh yeah I do. Do you want me to walk with you or give you the directions?”

“I'm bad with directions so walk with me.”

“Well we have to turn around.”

“Oh I'm glad that I caught you before I got any further away from my home.”

“Okay let's go.”

Violet and Luke were walking in silence but with the odd time when Luke says the direction that they have to go in. They kept walking like that until they got to her street.

“Okay here's Edwards St.”

“Thank you. You can go back to your house now. Sorry that I had to take you away from where you were.”

“Actually my house is on this street too.”

“Then why we’re walking the other way?”

“I have friends you know.”

“Oh right friends. I'll see you later. Thanks again for the help.”

"No problem. See you later. Bye.”

Violet walked to her house prepared of what will happen when she walks in. As soon as she got to the door her father opened it up for her.

“Dad before you talk I didn’t mean anything what I said. I just didn't want to talk about it. When I want to talk about I'll talk about it.”

“Violet you should tell that to your mother not me. Your mother was only looking out for you. She did not want you to go through what you went through again.”

“I know.”

“Go talk to your mother she needs to hear that.”

Violet went go talk to her mother. When she got to her mother she told what she said to her father. Her mother was happy to hear that she did not mean what Violet said earlier.

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