Party in a Box

For the New Year's Competition


1. Chapter 1 - JellyFish Challenge

Every New Year, the whole of Bikini Bottom get together and celebrate. These celebrations take place at Spongebob's Pineapple. Spongebob being the host, turns his pineapple into a partyapple. From fireworks to fruit salad, this party had it all. Spongebob starts decorating the pineapple on 30th of December so he has enough time to setup fireworks. But this year was different......




Only one more day left of the year! That means one more day left to complete the Jellyfishing challenge! I've caught 960 out of 1000! 40 more! "I'd better get ready for Jellyfishing now!" Spongebob said as he crossed off today's date on the calendar.


Over at Patrick's house, things were different (obviously). 



"Why won't this thing turn on! My tv never shows any pictures, only music is heard!" Patrick was trying to turn on his tv with the stereo remote, not the tv remote. After minutes of complaining, he decided to just call Spongebob since he knew how to use technology. 

"Squarepants residence, who is speaking?" Spongebob asked.

"Hey, uh, buddy! What's up!" Patrick replied.

"Hey Pat! I'm just getting ready to go jellyfishing! What are you doing?" Spongebob joyful said.

"Cool! I'm just uh, um, I don't know what I am doing.." Patrick started to question himself.

"Want to come Jellyfishing with me? You can help me complete the Jellyfishing challenge!" Spongebob got very excited that he could have someone help him finish the challenge.

"Uh, sure! Meet me at the fields!" Patrick smiled then put down the phone. "Why did I even call Spongebob?" Patrick asked himself, then continued getting his Jellyfishing gear ready.

Today, Jellyfish fields was filled with the glorious, pink jellyfish, swimming in the water. It was a beautiful sight for Spongebob, too good to be true. Too good to even be happening...


"Thanks for helping me out with this challenge buddy, only one more day left of the year and I need to make this count!" Spongebob pranced in the air, grabbing jellyfish with his beloved net.

"Last day of the year?!?! Hey buddy, what is happening about that Party that happens every yea-....." Patrick, as always, forgot what he was saying in the middle of his sentence. Spongebob didn't bother asking Patrick what he was going to say, since it happend regularly.



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