What's Become of Me

Jace and Wesley were best friends growing up. They were the outcasts of the orphanage, and they were ok with that so long as they were together. But when Jace was seven, he was adopted by a two young men, leaving behind Wesley. Ten years later, Jace is an up and coming actor when he runs into a familiar face. His childhood friend is not how he remembered though. This wasn't the boy he fell in love with.


1. Prologue

Jace was only four the night his mother died. His older sister told him it would happen soon, but he didn't know what that meant. The past year had been full of words he didn't know. Mastectomy, cancer, death, testimony, funeral. Whenever he asked his sister what they meant, she just hugged him tight and cried.

"It means we're going to have to get ready for mommy to take a very long nap." She explained, holding her brother close, knowing he was too young to know such things. 

It confused Jace. Mommy took a lot of naps. She was almost always sleeping when he went to see her at the hospital. He hated not knowing why she couldn't just stay home and sleep. He was alone with his daddy and sister at home, and his sister loved him almost as much as mommy, but daddy was mean. He didn't know what fag meant, but apparently his daddy thought that's what his name was. At first he thought it was just daddy being silly, but when alcohol was involved, the seemingly playful name was replaced by fists. His sister got them too. He figured daddy just didn't know how to say 'I love you.' but mommy and sister said it enough to make up for it.

The nurses at the hospital loved Jace. They always told them how sweet and funny he was, and how proud his mommy was of her little boy. Jace spent a year waiting in hospital waiting rooms, his sister teaching him how to read the magazines as tears ran down her face. He stopped asking why she was crying. She never told him why anyway.

Jace couldn't remember falling asleep, but somehow he woke up beside his mother bed, his sister shaking his shoulder.

"Mmm" He moaned as he rubbed his eyes.

"Mommy wants to talk to us, Bear." His sister smiled, even though her eyes were red from crying. Jace walked over to his mommy's side, holding his sister's hand.

"Hi mommy." The little boy greeted the ill woman cheerfully.

"Hi Bear." His mother said weakly.

"What'd you want to tell us mom?" His sister asked as her voice shook.

"I love you both more than the sun and moon combined. Always remember that." She promised, stroking Jace's hair lovingly, "Serena, you take care of your brother. And Jace, look after your sister. Ok?"

"I promise. I love you mom. I love you so much." Serena cried, embracing both Jace and her mother.

"I love you even more, mommy." Jace said, kissing her mother's cheek

"I love you both so much more then you could imagine." His mother whispered, kissing both of her children. The two held onto their mother for what felt like an eternity. Jace's mother ruffled his hair one last time, and then time stopped. His mother fell limp as a machine in the corner of the room made a loud beep. Jace watched as his sister screamed and tears flowed down her face. Across the room his father wept silently into his palms. Nurses and doctors rushed into the room, moving the children out of the way as they tried to revive the woman. But none of it felt real. He didn't understand it, but he felt the emotion in the room. Tears ran down his face as he watched the doctors push on his mommy's chest, his sister collapsed into a ball beside him and sobbed into her knees. And he understood. Mommy wasn't waking up this time. He knelt beside his sister and breathed in the smell of mother's perfume as he cried into her sweater.

The next morning, Serena found their father hanging in the living room, broken alcohol bottles all over the floor. There was no note or will, only a rope and a body. He was buried alongside his wife three days later and left behind two children who now only had each other.

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