New Witch

Aviana Lily Potter has been cursed before, narrowly surviving the experience, and left with strange and mystical powers that even magical folk don't have. Now Avi is headed towards Hogwarts, School of Magic, where young witches and wizards go to learn magic. But with Avi comes trouble and mystery. Will Avi hide, or face her fears like a true Gryffindor?


1. Surprised by Avi

Draco Malfoy was... surprised.

Well, not all that surprised. A Malfoy is always prepared for anything. The number four rule in the Malfoy family, right next to A Malfoy is always a Slytherin, A Malfoy is always a pureblood, and A Malfoy does not mixed with mud-bloods or muggles.

But he was surprised nonetheless.

It would be the first year Scorpio Malfoy, his son, would be attending the Hogwarts School of Magic. They had bought everything months before the letter arrived. All of it. Every single item on the list provided with the letter: books, potion ingredients, cauldron, wand, robes, pointed hat, plus a Generations of Slytherins book, the Malfoys' favourite book.

Then, when the time came, (which was today), they went to Platform 9 3/4 to wait for the Hogwarts Express. Or the Turtle Express, as young Scorpio put it. To tell the truth, it was not the train that was late, but the Malfoys who were early.

Right away they noticed a small crowd of wizard reporters mobbing a person for questions-it was none other than Harry Potter.

Draco nor Scorpio held any grudges against the Potters. It was Pansy Parkinson-turned-Malfoy who hated them. She was always ranting about the Dark Lord and how he should've "kicked Potty's ass." Draco was considering a divorce, and even Scorpio was beginning to dislike his mother.

Why didn't they hate the Potters? That was a good question. But the truth was, Harry had saved Draco's life at least one time before, but at that time, Draco had been a bully to them. Over the next 19 years, without his father or dark magic, his personality had gradually changed, and now he was quite a nice person, sometimes even appreciating Muggle things. That was two Malfoy rules broken.

Oh, well, Draco thought, shrugging. Its the least I could do for him.

He also made sure that his son got it as well. From the moment Scorpio could understand speech, Draco had told him again and again to NEVER FIGHT WITH THE POTTERS.

Unfortunately, Ginny Weasley had married Harry Potter, so the Weasleys were now counted in on the truce as well. Pity. He would've liked to box Ronald in the face.

Anyway, reporters, students, and parents, all magical folk, gathered in front of the Potter family, blocking their way to Platform 9 3/4. Harry and Ginny, along with Hermione and Ronald Weasley, were flanked by children: James Potter, the Potter twins, Rosella Weasley, and her little brother Hugo.

Rita Skeeter,a reporter whose personality resembled a cow, sashayed through the crowd on her bright red high heels, batting her fake eyelashes, pretty blonde locks swishing, her Quick-Notes Quill ready at hand with a small notepad. She was almost, like, 60 years old, but woudn't have told you she was a day over 40.

Hermione had had exceptionally bad experiences with Skeeter, who had gossiped about her relationships during the Triwizard Tournaments. So before the nosy reporter had her first question out, which was, "Mr. Potter, how do you feel about your children attending your former school?", Hermione had cast a silencio charm, silencing the reporter immediately. Skeeter's mouth still opened and closed, as she hadn't realized she had been hexed, amusing several curious children, (obviously also witches and wizards.)

However, even though Rita Skeeter had been silenced, there were still the other witches and wizards to deal with. Draco rolled his eyes as the mob surged forward and pulled out his wand. "Impedimenta!" The entire mob froze.

Harry smiled gratefully and navigated through the frozen people to the Malfoys. Draco smiled back, and Scorpio waved shyly.

"So," Harry said awkwardly when he reached the Malfoys .

"'So?'" Draco asked incredulously. "'So?' Seriously, Potter, I thought you'd be more confident by now.? 

Harry's face broke into a grin. "You've changed, Malfoy."

Scorpio poked his head out from behind his father. "Which Malfoy are you talking about?" he asked cheekily.

Harry raised one eyebrow. "Your father. Witty kid you have here, Malfoy," he continued talking to Draco. "Just like you."

"That's Draco to you," Draco replied, his smile widening. "Remember, I'm not the bully I was before. And, um..."

"Yeah, Draco?"

"Errrr..." he said nervously. Draco cleared his throat loudly.

"Sorry," he said simply. Harry smiled. "For everything bad I've done to you at Hogwarts. I hope you forgive me, even though I was a Death Eater. And Ginny, and Hermione. Ron, too, even if I still don't like him that much."

"Hey!" a voice said from behind him. Draco reddened. He knew who it was. This was his worst nightmare, showing weakness in front of a Weasley. Well, technically, the Weasley was behind him, but, yeah.

"I'm insulted. Hurt. Saddened, even, that you would even think of not liking me. Going for the girls, I see?" Ron Weasley mock fainted on the ground as Draco turned around. It was even worse than he'd thought. Ginny and Hermione were there, too, and they were making Awwwwwww faces at him, like, how adorable!

This was part of the reason he was surprised. They had accepted his apology. Even Scorpio cracked a grin.

"Draco," another voice cut into his thoughts. It was Harry, and this time his face was grim. "I need your help."

"Anything, Potter."

"Right," Harry motioned at the children, who were playing tag through the forest of frozen people. "Do you see my daughter?"

Draco looked. Then he gasped. He did see Avi Potter. But it wasn't Avi. Ginny had sent him a picture of Avi when she had been 8, and the Avi in that picture had brown hair and playful, green eyes. The Avi now had one-third of her hair pure white, and one of her eyes was obsidian black. Even though it still had Avi's warmth in it, it was cold and foreboding. "What happened to her?" he asked urgently.

"A curse when she was nine,two years ago. Nobody in the Ministry knows who did it." Harry explained. "They didn't even find out what curse was used until last month. It's so old it doesn't have a name, and apparently it was banned millennia ago. The result is kinda like Polyjuice, but not only does it change your appearance, it changes your personality and even controls your thoughts."

"Reformabit secundum voluntatem meam," Hermione said, grimacing. "Transform according to my will."

"Fortunately, the spell only works when the target is asleep," Ron added. "Luckily, Avi woke up a moment after she was cursed. The curse didn't do anything to her personality or mind. It wasn't even through with her appearance. Which is why she's left with her hair and eye color different."

"Well, that's good," Draco said, relieved that Avi hadn't changed, not really.

"You don't understand," Ginny whispered, tears rolling down her cheeks. "The power of the curse almost always leaks, and the victim is left with strange powers. Avi..."

"She can sense emotions and..." Harry almost choked on that last word. "She can control magic, better than anyone since the times when the Reform Curse was allowed."

"But isn't that good?" Draco asked, bewildered.

"It'll make her even more of a target," Hermione explained. "And people will try to use her to their own interests."

"Really?" Avi herself interrupted, fascinated.

The adults swung around. Draco couldn't believe it. How had she sneaked up on them?

Cheers. Another reason to be surprised.


P.S.: Reformabit secundum voluntatem meam is just latin for transform according to my will.

P.P.S.: I know I spelled Weasley wrong. Sorry!





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