When Niall Horan's Ordinary girlfriends is suspicious about his behaviour lately, when she discovers his deep dark secret... Will she be protected? Will she be safe? Will Niall find her in the arms of another guy? Find out by reading!


1. Chapter 1: His Dark Secret

Dark ( A 1D Fanfiction)

Chapter 1: His Dark Secret

*Set 2010, 2 Months after 1D became 3rd on the xfactor*

We were sitting at home watching 7 news. Niall looked at me with worry, what was wrong? He hadn't been talking to me lately and having simple replies to my questions. "Niall... What's going on with you?" I asked finally speaking up. "What do you mean..." He questioned quietly. "You've been ignoring me!" I blurted out. "I don't know what your talking about..." He said quietly again. "You know exactly what I'm talking about Niall," I said standing up walking over to him "And you better start talking or-" he cut me off, "Fine! You want to know why I'm ignoring you!," he stood up towering over me, the blonde in his hair started to disappear and his ocean blue eyes began to turn blood red, his skin became paler then it ever has been "Maybe it's because you've changed! Maybe it's because your not the same as you were when I met you!" He lost his accent... His voice was deep and raspy. "MAYBE ITS BECAUSE I DONT LOVE YOU ANYMORE!" He screamed. I backed up against the wall but he still towered over me... He pinned me against the wall. "N-Niall..." I stuttered quietly, he didn't hear me. He stared right into my eyes... His lips were bitch black, He looked like he was wearing a heck load of eyeliner and very dark blush. We starred into each other's eyes for a long time... I was to scarred to move. He breathed heavily. His hands slipped around my waste... His grip tightened. He growled before picking me up and slamming me to the ground... I became unconscious.

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