Life of 5sos

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1. about my life

Michael is talking its Michael hey i have a girlfriend Eleanor she sometimes screams i want to break up but i don't know what will happen my friend Zayn me and him are going to the movies thats all thats happening i will see you its Calum I'm dating Zayn i wish nothing happens when Michael there going to the movies 😵😵😵😵😵 i don't What to know what will happen DAY 2 Michael is talking I'm going to a fair with Eleanor i don't know if i showed break up nah maybe who's going to get the car maybe home i dont know what to do like what ahosten is talking yo i went to the movies with Luke and we saw this guy fucking naked terrifying we saw the movie the forest Luke chocked on popcorn he got scared day 3 Eleanor and Michael are talking at the sam time they said I WANT BREAK UP 😵😲😲😵😵😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😵😵😵😲😵😵😲👺Michael said yep i want to break up so they broke up Eleanor end up crying she ran out the apartment day 4 Michael' is still sad about the break up Luke fells really bad for Michael 3 weeks later Luke tried To get a girl an he's dating taylor swift luke is talking day 25 hey its Luke i had to get a girl i give him ideas it worked yeah im still so mad that naked man made us wait 1 hours for us to go back in and got home late for my gf her name is Selena Gomez shes sweet thats all i have to say i will see yeah later first chapter done it gets better

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