The Pastor's Son (Larry fic)

16 year old Harry Styles attends a school named Taylor High School. He's sick of the same boring classes and the same boring town but, when 16 year old Louis Tomlinson arrive, things change. Harry develops a strong crush on the shy new boy. The only problem? Louis is the town pastor's son!


1. Meet Louis


"Mr. Styles!" 

      My head shot up and I quickly looked around. Laughter filled my eardrums and my cheeks burned with blush. I wiped drool away from the sides of my mouth and turned my attention to Mrs. Lash. 

"Yes?" I asked 

     She glared at me over her bifocals and pointed to the small TV in the front of the class room. A deer grazed peacefully.

"I expect you to be watching." She grumbled

    I sighed and nodded. In the TV the deer continued to graze. Suddenly, the screen was turned. A wolf was crouched down in the tall grass stalking the deer. The other students let out little gasps. The wolf slowly stalked closer and closer to the deer. The deer was still grazing with it's back turned to the wolf. I was slowly filled with dread as I realized what was going to happen. Closer and closer the big wolf came. I bit down on my lip. Suddenly, the wolf jumped onto the deer and bit down on its neck. The deer struggled and kicked trying desperately to get away from the beast but, it was in vain, within a few moments the deer went limp.

"Wolves normally hunt in packs but, this wolf got left to hunt for it's self. It is unusual for wolves to hunt alone." The narrator spoke in his deep voice

   The door to the classroom opened. Mr. Levi (the principle) and a small boy walked in. The boy has shaggy brown hair and a small nose. He looked around my age and he had bluish eyes. He shifted back and forth from foot to foot. I couldn't help but notice how attractive he was. I smirked slightly. Mrs. Lash stood up and put on that fake smile she get's whenever another teacher was around. 

"Ah! Class this is our new student, Louis." she introduced

   The class stayed quiet and focused on the documentary. Louis' cheeks fell red. Mrs. Lash showed him to his seat and Mr. Levi walked out. Louis sat down and stared at the top of his desk. I turned my attention back to the documentary. A small rabbit bounced along the grass. It was brown and white. It stopped at a patch of grass and started nibbling on the longer pieces. It's nose wiggled as it ate.Suddenly, a loud screeching sound filled the silence and a hawk swooped down from somewhere high and grabbed the rabbit in its claws.

"What the hell Mrs. Lash?! What the fuck are we watching?!" A voice called from the back of the room

   The class giggled and continued watching. I glanced over at Louis. He was playing with a necklace around his neck. I studied his body. He had a nice figure. I bit my lip gently. Suddenly, his head turned and caughtv my gaze. I quickly reverted my eyed back to the screen.   


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