The spread

I've always wanted to a creepypasta ..And luckily...My dream

Came true.


1. The start

Michael and Ross were near the Cool kids . Pretty much having a great time than I was . I didn't want to come but I was forced to , Instead of being attached to my computer all day watching Creepy pasta's . Layla was outside trying to Look for Jeff the killer . She's as much as a huge fan as I am but Michael and Ross are much lesser fans than us . ''Hey ! Freak ! '' I turned around seeing the football players come up to me angrily ..well this will be fun . ''what ? '' I said crossing my arms . ''What the hell do you think your doing here ?! '' ''Maybe it's because you invited us '' I fussed back , If they were looking for a fight I hope they'll regret it . ''Yeah , Them ! Not you ! '' He now shoved me to the ground this time standing right in front of me ''Get the fuck out of here !! '' I looked at him and everyone else who was looking at us . He shoved me?! I can't do anything..I have to hold it in .. ''Didn't you here me ? Get the hell out on here ! '' I was just about to walk away until I felt a presence coming behind me . I grabbed his arm and broke it , I smashed the  left side of his face onto the ground and began hitting the back of his head with a vase near by . ''Lacey ! get off him !! '' Michael tried to pull me back but nothing worked I now had a piece of glass in my hands and his flesh was next ! ''We are not ! Freaks ! We are just like...YOU!! '' I stabbed his spine with the glass and began to breathe heavily . Everyone stared at me...I didn't know what else to do but run out the house and so I did ''Lacey !!! '' .

I ran passed Layla and ran into the backyard woods , It was dark , its scary , I can't see anything but the trees surrounding me as I ran . I moved branches out of the way and ducked at some that were much low for me ''Lacey come back ! Its fine ! '' Michael , Ross and Layla were behind me but didn't know where I was and I hope they never find me so I ran faster from them . What did I do back there ? I can't ever go back..Ever !.



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