Where are you now ..

Harry and April have been friends since the beginning of time ! They always played together and had tons of fun everyday . Until the day April and her parents had to move back to San Diego for Her dad's opportunity to work for A building company . Harry was left alone and so was April . Harry became A Famous band member and April became an award winning fashion designer for Cover girl . They soon meet again when Harry stops by to see his Current girlfriend Kendall Jenner . Is this Destiny ? Or just a coincidence ?


1. chapter one

''April ?'' ''Harry ? '' Kendall stood next to him glaring at me as she held her purse in one hand , The way she looked at me seems as if she didn't like the way I stared at him or the way he stared at me . ''Who is she ? '' Kendall asked , her voice sounded a bit Harsh knowing Kendall or at least having her work for the company I work for she was the type of the girl who would have something and claim it hers and its HERS . ''This is my childhood friend..April Brooks '' I smiled At Harry , He was going to smile back but how could he ? His girlfriend is right by his side and if he even made a small tiny smirk she would probably flip of in front of everyone . ''She was one of the closest friends I've had until she moved here Love '' He took a look at me hiding his cheesy smile from her . I held my paperwork tightly trying to hold back some tears , Just remembering Harry and me as kids playing in the front yard , Teasing each other a lot , sharing chocolates with each other ...It was just so much fun while it lasted . ''Yeah..'' Kendall sighed and backed away from Harry now standing in the center of us , Her face expression didn't look so well she looked pretty upset , As if she started something and felt bad about it . ''you guys look cute together '' His face flushed , So did mine , It reminded me when he was my date to the winter dance ; Just us dancing under the disco light , His hand intertwined with mine , My head on his shoulder and just feeling him smiling on my cheek Felt amazing but it was all burned in one night . ''What do you mean ? '' Harry asked taking a quick look at Kendall then at me , Kendall just smiled her prettiest smile just like the ones she does on the magazines ''You two should be together , I mean come on you have childhood memories don't you ? Then maybe you should use those memories to reconnect with each other '' I didn't understand a word she was saying All I was thinking is about the past and the amazing times . 

''I don't know Kendall , Harry was yours first and -  '' She stopped me at mid sentence Chuckling a bit ''No April , He was Officially yours ! first '' . She made the yours part very clear enough for the both of us , Harry smiled now , the same smile he always had as a kid ''Maybe you're right , Maybe we should reconnect '' His smile always made me smile , It always made me feel a bit more special to life . ''April..'' he whispered softly , cuffing his hand on my right cheek , ''I Love You '' . Kendall giggled happily , She covered her mouth smiling while Harry still held me close to him . ''I Love you too Harry..'' He laughed leaning down to my lips , That's when Our lips connected and the sparks flew above us in my mind , He kissed me as if no one else was around , as if it was just the two of us as if...We were Just the only people who existed . ''See , told you , told you guys would look great together ''

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