You feel your sins crawling on your back...

(Let's Draw A Story Comp)


1. get dunked on :^))))))))

Note: I will be referring to Frisk as a female in this competition.


It was finally over. The bothersome comedian, reduced to nothing more than a grinded pile of white dust, lay at Frisk’s feet. And yet, despite the end of the exhausting, headache-inducing battle, there was no feeling nor sigh of relief. There was only an uncomfortably sick sensation in the pits of her stomach. A shrill voice echoed from within her mind. What are you doing? Stop wasting time here! But it wasn’t her own voice. It was that of a stranger’s, one she’d never met before.

Frisk blinked rapidly and repeatedly, feeling a warm liquid rise up from behind her eyelids, threatening to make an appearance. As the tears trickled down her white-dusted cheeks, her heart seemed to ache and yearn for something impossible but painful. The knife in her hand dropped to the tiled floor with a loud clang; the sound travelling and steadily fading through the long hallway. In just a few seconds, the Judgement Hall was silent once more. No footsteps. No laughable puns. Instead, it was filled with… a human’s feeling of regret and loneliness.

She collapsed onto the ground in a fit of sobs and wails, hands tearing into her chestnut brown hair like a deranged person. Flashbacks flowed into her mind; memories from what must be a distant world, or even timeline. Wherever they emerged from, they definitely did not belong to the Frisk from this timeline. She was never given a sorrowful farewell from her savior. She never completed any puzzles. She never had a cooking lesson with anyone. She never participated in any show. She never made any friends.

Sans was right. She was a monster.

Slowly, Frisk forced herself back up into a standing position and glanced down at her two hands. Just as expected, they were heavily covered in white dust. The grinded remains of those she could’ve been friends with. Those who could’ve shared with her the desirable emotion of love and happiness. Now, she could only hear them screaming in pain at her from behind.

You feel your sins crawling on your back…




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