His Other Side

Nausicaa Bourne knew that she wasn't normal ever since she was 6 and could feel peoples vibes. Now the new kid Wilder he's definitely not normal. She'll find out who she is with his and loves help. But there will be obstacles in the way that they will have to overcome.
-original story-


1. Chapter 1

"Nausicaa wake up!" I felt someone shake me. "Humbug, leave me alone." I mumbled into my pillow. "We have school in 30 minutes! Get up or I swear to god that you will be drag you to school looking like that." I groaned then looked over and saw it was my friend Odessa. I've knew Odessa since we were in born cause of our moms.

Odessa has red hair that is straight and it shoulders length. She has sea green eyes that are big, her skin is tan, and she's skinny. I got out of bed with a grumpy attitude. I threw on my Jack Daniels t-shirt with some ripped up jeans and converses.

I then brushed my long brown and purple straight hair. When I finally finished everything I looked at my eyes, I always hated my eyes they are two different colors, the left ones blue and the right ones brown. I look like a huskey, ya they are cute but its not cute on me. Odessa pulled me out of the house and drove us to school.

We are in senior year and I have my license but the cops suspended it from me cause I ran a few stop signs and red lights. Ya my parents weren't to happy but what can I say? We got to school where I dreaded going but i still got out of the car and headed to my first period class, which is art. Art and Music is the only subjects I enjoy in this place called school.

When I walked into art class I realised that there was a guy who decided to sit right next to me. Ugh Im use to sitting alone and I really enjoy it. I went over to my seat and sat down starting to get to work. "Hi Im Wilder, but I go by Will." He gave a slight smile.

I looked over and recognized he had pale skin with brown hair that was messy. His eyes are grey and he was just breath taking. I shook my head,"Im Nausicaa." I said it straight to the point and returned to drawing. I was in no mood for talking. I was drawing a phoenix with its wings spread out and fire coming from them.

"I like that name its unique." He looked back at his drawing which consisted of an angel. Hes really talented actually. "Ya but your name is the one that I havent heard before." I responded at a slight mumble. He shook his head and put in his earphones, finally that got me annoyed I just wanted to draw not talk. Through the whole period though I couldnt shake this vibe that he gives off.

I always get different vibes from different people and they range from a bunch of things. The vibe he gave off though felt bad/dark and I want to know why.

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