Heart of the Wind

One day little Vixies life is turned upside down. When her whole family is murdered n she is the only one on the run. She gets new identity n thinks everything is ok. But then a cute n mysterious guy named Vernon comes into her life. What will happen read to find out.


1. "No they're gone"

It was Saturday and as any normal family we were being lazy. My little sister Amberlend and my big brother Roland were arguing as usual. I was just having a normal conversation with my parents about how I didn't have a damn boyfriend. But of course bloody parents don't listen. I missed the damn intro. My name is Vixella Howard I am 16 with one brother Roland who is 18 and a sister Amberlend who is 14. Bloody hell we lived in England. But today all things went to bloody hell.

I steppped outside to go meet my friend for tea. Amberlend called screaming at me to come home and hurry. I run home as quick as I can. I struggle for my key,but the door is already unlocked.I push it open slowly I can hear my sister screaming. A horrible smell is coming from the kitchen. I run to my her room and the door is locked I bang on it. " Amberlend, Amber are u ok?! ", I scream. In return I hear her screaming and followed by a zipping sound." No stop touching me no stop let me go!!! " I hear in Amber's response. " Amber no!! " I scream and bang on the door crying." Let her go please ", then I hear a gun shot. " Amberlend? ", I hear something hit the floor then silence. I finally get the door opened. " No,no,no!! " I scream uncontrollably as the sight of my little sisters dead body lies dead on the ground with her eyes open. I close her eyes and walk into the living room and see Rolands dead body on the floor. Mum and dad are in the kitchen holding hands dead. I finally call the coppers. That's when my trail goes cold.

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