Dear Diary ...

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1. 18-1-2016

A normal day at school . Boring , boring , boring Except one thing that keeps my day going which is Watching Jason every morning . Walking by my house . He is a senior , really hot .

First two periods was like hell , no one kept quite , talking and screaming , singing and dancing . People it is the early hours of the morning have them in peace and serenity . Anyways, it was lunch break , I didn't seem to fit with none of my classmates , I find them very mentally younger . I headed to the Volleyball court , grabbed a ball and started hitting with the wall , the hall was empty . There was only a person but I didn't get my eye on him to see who he was . He saw me very angry and all . He whistled : Hey You , take it easy or the wall might fall of . His sarcastic comment gave me a shiver down my spine . His voice wasn't strange , I turned around and saw it was Jason . He walked down the stairs and walked over me : why aren't you eating ?

I said to him : Can I tell you the truth ? I feel like my classmates doesn't seem to understand me .

He giggles , his smile was so perfect . Took the ball right from my hand , gave me a practice . It was the awesome practice I could have .

He cared a lot about me , and I didn't really know him that much ...

It turned out to be a perfect day . He was different , treated me like his own brother .

It is my perfect day .

I remember , he waited for me by the bus , when the bell rang , I was going to my bus , surprised that he was waiting : I am coming with you today is it ok?

He was very protective of me .... He was my voice , if we can say it in that way ... He earned my trust

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