I fell in-love with a murderer

Typical love story with a twist.


1. Why.

Chapter 1: Why.


Pulling up the handbrake of my mini, I take one last look in the mirror before exciting the warmth of my car in to the cold rain that surrounded me. Quickly pulling my denim jacket over my already frizzy hair I rush in the the hardware store. Scanning the isles I quickly find the one I was looking for, Home Decor. I search for nice beige to match the couches I bought. Once that's found I reckon I should get some big sheets of plastic to cover the floor with whilst I paint. Contemplating weather to get 5 meters or 10 I decide on the ten because well if there's any left over it can be used for something else. I reach out for the sheet of plastic when a warm soft head touches mine. Looking up i see the most beautiful deep blue eyes, perfect lined teeth and just the right amount of facial hair, I must of been staring for to much longer then needed because he clears his throat.

''Plastic eh?'' Okay what the fuck was that? I feel my self going red. Stupid. Stupid me.

''Yes, Plastic'' He says with a reassuring smile, then continues ''I'm Josh you?'' ''A-amber''

''Well Amber, Once your done painting or what ever you plan on doing tonight, Why don't you give me a call?'' He takes out this small little business card from his suit pocket and places it on my chest before picking up he's plastic and walking off.

After puling my self together I place the small business card in my pocket, pick up my plastics and head to the check outs. Quickly paying I gather my items and head towards the door and into my mini. 


On the way home I could do nothing but think about what the fuck happened I mean first off all why did he give me his card and tell me to call him? Is he attracted to me or does he think he can just get me because i'm easy. I felt like he was reading me while he stared at me, Like as if i was blurting out all of my biggest secrets and he was listening to every one. He had such a mysterious smile, when he smirked I swear my heart skipped a bit, my knees went weak and I could almost just almost see my life flash before my eyes. Why is he stuck in my head? He's a stranger he could be dangerous for Christ sake! But then again he could be really friendly. After all, it would be nice to know somebody in this new town.

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