LED curtain tips


1. LED curtain tips: color attenuation

We found that even the first international brand of the same file there is a curtain LED www.visslighting.com display and color saturation wavelength deviation, and the deviation range of considerably more than the human eye to green color discrimination thresholds Thus, chroma uniformity correction is there are significant.

Second, the importance of the power supply. As the power under different temperature conditions, the stability of its work, the output voltage and with a load capacity will be different ?because it bears a logistical role, so it supports capabilities directly affect the quality screens. Due to the different performance and stability, different brands and specifications of power supply equipment prices also have this quite a big difference. So the choice, be sure to pay attention to match the power and performance.

Outdoor LED display has with increasing operating time and brightness decay characteristics. LED curtain chip the merits, the quality, and level of the auxiliary material packaging process determines the level of LED decay rate. Typically, 1000 hours, 20 mA at room temperature after the lighting test, the red LED attenuation should be less than 10%, blue, green LED attenuation should be less than 15% red, green, and blue attenuation consistency of large white balance screen, thus affecting the display fidelity of LED curtain.

Outdoor LED display: http://www.visslighting.com/en-us/product/26.html​

Since the outdoor LED curtain by the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of groups of red, green, and blue LED dots composed of elements, failure of any one color led display will affect the overall visual effect. In general, according to industry experience, beginning in the led display assembly to the failure rate of aging 72 hours before shipment should not exceed ten-thousandths (of a failure of the LED curtains).

Finally, the design of outdoor LED display is very important. But more important is the thermal loop ventilation system design is good, with the power to extend the time and outside temperature, the thermal drift components will increase, resulting in deterioration of image quality.

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