Marie Danange doesn't believe in chasing your dreams-of course not, she's terrible at almost everything. She can't sing, dance, or draw, she's not smart, she's never been able to cook or sew, she can't play sports, she's not pretty, she can't even keep her mind straight. She's sure the only things she can do are sleep, eat, blink, and breathe. She's been this way since her single dad was mysteriously found dead. She was the loser, the ugliest, untalented, the lunatic, useless. That's what she was told, any way. But one day, a dream opens a closed door, even though they said it was too late and that everything was dead.


1. Prologue

"And we are on air," said the camerawoman.

The news anchor looked at camera one and smiled. "Welcome to the This Morning show, your favorite news channel. Today is October 21st, 2051, only a few days until halloween. Let's go to Barbara, who's got our first story today. Barbara?"
Camera one turned off, and camera three turned on. Barbara, a reporter in a red dress, stood outside the Danange's mansion with a concerned look on her face. "Yes, Dean. Our first story of the day brings us to Honolulu. As you know, Jack Danange was a famous actor whose career started 2030's, when he was only 1 year old. He died yesterday evening. The police are investigating the cause of death this very minute. Danange had no relatives, and his wife left him after she gave birth to her first child, Marie, his four year old daughter, who is now up for adoption. Danange was 22 years old."

Camera one turned back on. Dean, the news anchor, sat at the desk, still wearing a plastered-on smile. "Thank you, Barbara. Now let's have a word from our sponcers."

The cameras turned off.

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