What if...

What if newt survived in maze runner
What if katniss died In The hunger games

But this isn't about that, this story is my adventure.
Let me tell you how it starts...


1. Me and my what if scenario

What if I never met my beautiful girlfriend Jennie.

What if humans could fly.

What if I was a girl. 

Yeah I know life is crazy, but it could be better.( I know that last one was kinda pushing it. You can't just ask to change sex but hay ho)


I mean guys, life is just a maze you pick your path, could be right, could be wrong. It normally wrong, but when the occasional right thing happens it's good 


Here let me give u an example 

I screw up on my science exam

I realise I forgot to bring my PE kit to school

But then I get the balls to ask out the prettiest girl in our year, Jennie Hall.


Right there we got a wrong and a wrong but then we got a right ( a really good right)

It just goes to show ya life can be bad but think about the best things that you did, think about the best things you have.

E.g I've got Jen


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