Forgive Me, Teacher

Romance sparks between a scary 17 year old high school girl with hidden beauty who finds no meaning in life and a history teacher who is in search of a lost love. As a dark student and a dark teacher collide, will they find their purpose within life and love? A story of mythical powers and reincarnation, yet as 17 year old Chiruka has regained her memories as queen, she will face again the passion between what she had with Tadashi. But who is to know how long the past will stay after a completed revenge? See in "Forgive me, Teacher" when a teacher finds the new Chiruka more alluring than the past.


1. Day Zero

"Mr. Takiyama will be present tomorrow as your new history teacher," A faculty administrator announced from the front of the classroom. Students were snickering in such an awful behavior, "We expect you to give him the proper manner he deserves,"

Our last history teacher quit due to the attitude of the students in this years class. Spitballs and name calling were these students specialty as a group, but neither of them would bother with me. Possibly because I'm too clean for their strategic decisions.

The girls would drown themselves in their own compliments while waving a fan towards their face, "I heard he's strict... And sexy. Let's corner him when he arrives, girls," They nodded to their queen in charge, Kira Tachibana.

"Looks like the girls are gonna jump him guys, we might have to strike first instead," The male leader, Jun Mashiro, insisted as he stared intently at Kira with starving eyes.

Everyone's eyes then turned towards me in fright when they spotted a hint of red within my blackish eyes due to the defect of my own birth. When I turned to look towards them, they quickly reverted their eyes towards the front of the class. I crossed my legs and fixed my skirt uniform, then turned to the window as I watched students and teachers leaving and entering the school building.

"What a freak," Whispers around the classroom spread like flies. Although it didn't bother me for at all. I was too used to the school abuse for being different from them. It made no difference for me to care, "I heard she killed someone just from looking at him,"

The day couldn't have ended so dramatically. Everyone had plans to meet somewhere and play as where I had a dark home to run to.

I was 16 when I began living by myself in an average studio apartment after my parents gave me up. Life was peaceful and going my own way. I don't need friends, much less a companion in it. While being the scariest, yet smartest student registered at one of the top schools in the city, I had no future to look forward to. It's just me and Kylie, a husky I found abandoned as a pup on a cold, rainy night from work a year ago.

"Kylie!" I called to her. Her excitement pushed me against the wall as her big paws pressed against my chest. I hugged her and began scratching her as I fell to the floor with the drool of her kisses drowning me, "Who's my girl?"

She barked at me as I got up and walked towards the living room. It was more than empty, yet it had everything I ever needed. My futon, Kylie, and food to keep me living.

After a long night of cramming and finishing up my homework on all subjects, I looked at the time to see that it was already late. Tomorrow was the test day for history and also the day we would meet our new teacher, Mr. Takiyama. But there was something strange about the way the wind was blowing; a superstition in the wind telling me of the trouble that awaits me tomorrow. As I closed my eyes, I was lost into a heavenly deep sleep as I prepared myself physically and emotional for what was to happen the next day.

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