daughter of the song

I met the doctor when I was ten the I met him when I was 21 how can I help him when I can't help myself from running away


1. Prolong

 nd he  I ran into my garden and found my old suit case and packed it full and ran and ran away from my mum who scared me because she always talked about someone her husband who won't ever come back and I found a bench and sat down and heard a whooshing sound and down came a blue box and out walked a man with brown hair and a nice looking bow tie he said " hello there and you are " and I replied " Alex " and he asked " where is your mum you should be with her " and I answered " she scared me so I ran she talked about her husband and statues that moved so I ran " and he yelped " yowaz take me to her " and I said " no " a he said " yes what is her name " I answered " melody and no " he then asked " would you like to travel space and time with me " and I yelled " yes "  and he said " hold on I will be back in 10 minutes " and I waited and waited and waited now I am 21 and he still hasn't come I feel lost I have waited 11 years and I will have to wait longer if I have to I must escape my mum I must escape melody pond or she calls herself river song sometimes I need to run 




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