True Love

"I just wish we could have had a proper good bye." ~Levi


1. The News

Eren's pov:

I said good by to Levi. "I'll catch up with you after work babe." I said to Levi and got in my car. He gave me a kiss good bye. I drove to the flower ship and greeted Hanji with a smile. " Did you find out yet?" She asked me aware of my situation. I smiled and shook my head no. "Well I'll be making vases." I said and went inside. Hanji nodded and went back to watering the flower.

About half way into the day my phone started to ring. I looked a the called ID and saw it was the doctor calling me with my test results. "Hanji I have to take this." She nodded and I ran into the back room. "Hello?" I said into the phone. It was the doctor calling me. He told me I had cancer and that I would have a few days to live. I tanked the doctor and hung up before I started to cry. 'How will I tell Levi....' I thought to myself. "Eren? Levi is here to see you. Is everything okay?" I wiped away my tears and left the room knowing that Hanji and Levi where waiting for me. "Yeah...everything is fine." I went out side and smiled. "Hello! Welcome to our flower shop! What can I do for you?" I said with a smiled. Levi smiled back at me. "Hey babe you forgot your lunch." He gave me my lunch and another kiss. "I'll see you after work babe." I kissed him back feeling my heart brake and watched as he left the shop and went back to his car.

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