The next move (Druna) - Oneshot

This is a Druna one shot story (Draco and Luna), originally made for the "Danske Potterheads" Facebook side. Please leave a comment <3


1. One shot

The next move (Druna)  Oneshot


“Hey Lovegood nice feets!”Malfoy said with sarcasm and walked by. Crabbe and Goyle walked by his side and was laughing at me. I’m fairly certain it was nargles that took my shoes.“It’s our sixth year at Hogwarts! When will Malfoy ever stop being an asshole!” Ron said while we were walking down the hallway. “I honestly don’t think he will.” Harry answered. Me and Hermione just nodded and walked with them. This is my fifth year at Hogwarts, but i mostly hang out with the sixth years. I have lots of friends in Gryffindor. But also in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. My house is Ravenclaw so why shouldn’t i. But i really don’t have much friends in Slytherin, they just don’t seem to be so nice. But you shouldn’t really judge them. My boyfriend is Neville Longbottom, we have been dating for 2 month now. “Luna! I found those white roses outside, and it reminded me of your beautiful white blonde hair.” Said Neville and ran over to me. The other guys left, they might thought i would hang out with him on my own. “Aw, thank you Neville, thats so sweet.” I said and smiled at him, waiting for him to kiss me. A proper kiss. He usually just gives me a quick little kiss on the mouth, and that’s not very often. I dont think its because that he doesn’t love me, he is just too insecure to make the next move. It breaks a little in my heart, i really do care for him, but our relationship begins to bore me a little. I’m just too polite to say so. “By the way, it’s Friday today, which means weekend. Which means that we can sit wherever we want to… Would you like to sit with me?” Neville asked me with a lot of nervousity in his voice. “Sure, I’d see you at dinner.” I said and hugged him and went out in the forest to get some air, away from the crowd, just relax.


In front of me there were some Thestrals. I love thestrals. I brought some meat and gave it to a little baby thestral. “Malfoy, why didnt you tell us about that with Loony Lovegood?” A familiar voice came from out in the woods. It sounded a lot like Crabbe. They were So close, but so far away. “Dont call her that, you idiot!” I heard Malfoy say. It must be Draco, Crabbe and Goyle. I tried to ignore it, even though i was a bit nervous they would come over to me. But you gotta respect other people and not just run away from them. The voices came closer to me, and Draco came to sight. He didnt look like a person who enjoyed spending time in the forest. He was wearing his all black suit and tie. Now Crabbe and Goyle wasnt with him anymore. Hm, strange. “Can i help you with something?” I asked Draco politely. I padded the Thestral while talking to him. “Uhm… Have you found your shoes?” Draco said and looked shocked and nervous at the same time. I dont know why he is so nervous, this doesnt look like the Malfoy we all know. “No, the Nargles must have hidden them somewhere.” I said and smiled at him. “Nargles?” Draco said with disgust. I Just shoke my head and threw a piece of meat on the ground to the Thestrals. “Is that a Thestral?” Draco asked. “Yes, can you see them?” I asked him and looked in his grey eyes. “No, i’ve never seen death. What do they look like?” Draco asked me. For once he didnt sound like a jerk. “They are a bit like horses, dark and very thin. But people avoid them because they are very…-” “Different?” Draco continued. “Exactly.”

I said and stood close to him and looked in his eyes. “Draco, where are you!” It came from Crabbe and Goyle out in the forrest. “I gotta go.” He said and ran away. This was the nicest conversation i’ve had so far today. He quickly looked back but then continued over to Crabbe and Goyle.


I went home to Hogwarts again and ate dinner. I sat next to Neville. And was 30 miniutes late. “Where have you been?” Neville asked worried. “It just happend.” I answered. I didnt want to talk about the fact i was out in the woods talking to Malfoy. Then he just told me about plants, but it was hard to keep up listening. I just looked over at the Slytherin table where Draco sat. He didnt talk to any of his friends. Suddenly his eyes catched mine, so quickly i looked down on my plate. “Whats wrong sweetie?” Neville said. I was in my own little bubble so i got shocked. “Yeah, whats wrong?” Ron said. I just sat there, scared and looked at all of them. “We are your friends, you can tell us.” Hermione said and looked me in the yes. “I…-” “Draco Malfoy, and Luna Lovegood!” Mcgonagall interrupted. Oh no, what did i do wrong.  “Follow me…” Mcgonagall continued. I went out of the Great Hall with Malfoy by my side, we didnt look each other in the eyes. The Great Hall doors closed. “Can you explain me why you two were so late for dinner?” Mcgonagall said and sounded very dissapointed. None of us really answered, we just looked down on our shoes. Or, i looked at my feets. “Well, perhaps a detention will teach you how to come on time. And 10 points will be taken from Ravenclaw and Slytherin. You will clean the Greenhouse until its fully clean…” Mcgonagall said and went in to the Great Hall again. Me and Dracos eyes met. He looked worried at me, but i send him a little smile to show him that its not the end of the world.


It was summer and really hot in the Greenhouse. The sun was still up, and we have only been cleaning for 5 miniutes. “Its so unfair… Crabbe and Goyle were just as late as us, but they dont get detention…” Malfoy said. “Well, its nice that we can get to know each other a bit more then.” I said and smiled at him. He looked at me with an expression i couldnt tell and didnt really say anything. “Why are you together with that boy Longbottom?” Draco suddenly asked while cleaning the windows. “He is… Nice we have fun together.” I said, lying. Well he is nice but more like a friend. “Nice? When do you ever think he will give you a proper kiss!” He said loudly and turned around. The tears were coming. I quickly whiped them away and ran outside. “Wait Luna!” Draco yelled. I sat down on the grass, cried and looked at the horisont. My eyehook catched that he sat next to me, looking at me. “Im really sorry, of course i dont know what your relationship to him is…” Malfoy said and took my chin and turned it against his face. Those beautiful grey eyes. “Im crying because you are right. I really like Neville but not in that way and i dont wanna hurt his feelings.” I sobbed a little. He placed both of his hands on my cheeks and i felt a warm strong feeling in my body. “I must tell him..” I said and stood up. Malfoy looked at me confused and dissapointed. “Will you go with me?” I asked him and reached my hand out for him. He looked at my hand with a disgust in his face. He stood up and pushed me to the side and went in to the castle again. What did i do? I went in to the castle too, and found Neville sit on a bench with a sad looking face. Seamus and Dean sat next to him and cheered him up. “Whats wrong Neville?” I asked him and looked down on him. “Why Luna, why couldnt you tell me your self?” He said loudly and a few tears ran down his cheeks. I looked to the left and right and my eyes catched Malfoy with his arms crossed looking satisfied. “Neville, i was supposed to tell you. I really like you, but as a friend.” I said and looked at him. “But why did you make Malfoy say it?” He said kinda harsh and looked me in the eyes. “Look, Malfoy is the biggest jerk, trust me, i have that kind of respect for you so i would never make anyone tell you. Friends?” I said and took his hand so he stood up. “Friends.” Neville agreed and pulled me in to a hug.

Even though my biggest problem were over now i still felt a knife in my heart. I began to care for the Malfoy boy, but then he was a jerk again. How could he? Some wrackspurts has been inside him, im telling you. All by my self, i went down the hallway to Ravenclaws common room. I was holding the white flowers Neville gave me. I looked down on my dirty feets. I miss my shoes a lot. Looking down on the floor, some black classic shoes stood before me, i looked up and a boy with white blond hair stood in front of me with his arms on his back. “What do you want..” I said and took a tear away from my eye. His arms cam to sight and he was holding my shoes! “I believe these belongs to you.” He said and waved with them. I couldnt stop smiling. “Sit down.” Malfoy said and followed me over to a bench. He gave me the shoes on, just like Cinderella. I stood up and reached him the white flowers. “These are for you, they reminds me of your white blond hair.” I said and smiled at him. His face turned pink. He looked so cute when he was blushing. I must be kind of special for him that the girl gave him flowers. Now we stood closer to each other. He took his arms around me and his lips met mine. I had both of my hands around his neck and after some time the kiss formed in to snogging. I felt so warm and a joy inside. This is the happiest ive ever felt.

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