Sucked In

4 normal minecraft players get sucked into the game, and need to defeat all the bosses to get out.


1. Four Friends

Ella POV

I got home from school finally! It was Friday, so I threw my backpack down, and ran up to my room. I logged on to my computer, and went on Minecraft. I put my headset on, and was greeted by a high squeaky voice.

"Finally Ella your on!"

"Sorry I had to walk home,"I replied.

"In the freezing cold?" I was questioned by a male voice.

"Yeah I was late to my bus," I said answering the question.

"That sucks!" another male voice said.

"What are we playing today?" I asked.

"Build battle definitely," the squeaky girl voice said.

"Nah lets play one in the quiver!" a male voice said.

Those where my minecraft friends we play together every day. First there is Vanessa she is the perfectionist she needs to make sure she has the best house. Vanessa's favorite game build battle. Then there is Austin he is the combat master. Austin's favorite game one in the quiver. Last there is Wade he is the redstone genius. His favorite game tnt run.

"We have to play tnt run!" Wade said.

"Ok let's compromise tnt tag, hide and seek, or pixel painters?" I said.

"Let's start a new world together," Vanessa suggested.

"Definitely," Austin, Wade, and I said.

So we started a new world all together, but there seemed to be a really weird malfunction.

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