Bucky Barnes One Shots

Just some Bucky Barnes one shots. Feel free to request a one shot:)


1. You Can't Fix the Heart

POV: 2nd person
(Y/N)= Your Name 

You've been on your feet all day. Exhausted, you look at the clock. 5:32. You get off at 9. You're almost sorta there. 

You just started working at the hospital as a nurse. Your coworkers like you, but you don't really have the time to ever communicate. Life's to busy. 

"You see the guy who came in?" You look up to find it's your least favorite coworker, Jessica speaking. 
Annoyed, you say, "No. Why?" Jessica was a drama queen, and you absolutely hated drama. She'd make a whole scene if a patient walked in wearing shoes that didn't match. 

Jessica grinned. "Oh, you'll see why." Rolling your eyes, you say,"quit being foolish and tell me why the dude who walked in is sssoooo important." 

Jessica made the childish gesture of zipping her lips and throwing away the key. Whatever. You had much better things to do than hang around a girl who still thought she was in middle school. 

"(Y/N)" it's your boss calling you. You go to see what he wants. 

"Mind helping the patient in room 301? I was going to send Rory, but he was helping another patient." 

You nod, and head towards room 301. Your mind curiously wonders if room 301 holds the patient Jessica was talking about earlier. 

You finally arrive at room 301, You and push open the door. A man sits there with long, scraggly brown hair, intense muscles, and a pained look in his eyes. Oh, and he has a metal arm. 

"Hello. My name is Y/N. What seems to be the problem?" You know for a fact this was the guy Jessica was talking about. Why couldn't she of least mentioned that he was hot? 

The guy stares off into the distance and says in a raspy voice, "my hand." You look at his hand, and see he's right. There is a cut of least 3 inches deep, and it's looking really infected. 

"Oh my..." You are speechless. Never before had you seen a cut this bad. "What happened?" You are dying to know just what could've caused a cut like that. 

The guy with the metal arm shrugs. "Cut it on something I guess." Well, isn't that obvious, you think. 
"Why didn't you get it looked at sooner?" He shrugs again. "Never had the time. Or a reason." 

He says this as he looks down. Almost as though he was afraid to tell you his reason. You wonder if he's had worse cuts than this. "Well, I'm going to go get the doctor and he's going to help you more." 

You turn to leave, but feel cold metal grasp your shoulder. "Don't go," he says. You're speechless. Even though it's only his robotic arm touching you, you feel emotions flow through you. "

"I have to," you say. "I'm only a nurse, I can't to all the things a doctor can do. I'm sorry." He looks deep into you. You feel a small shiver. 

"Can you of least try?" You know you could get fired doing this, but you can't help it. He made you feel a way no one else had ever made you feel. So, you nod. 

"I'll try. I'll try my best. But I can't prescribe any medication to you. I can only clean and bandage the wound." He nods and bows his head down. 

You gently scoop up his hand, and study it. You still can't figure out what in the world caused it. "I've had worse," he says. 

You raise your eyebrows. "Oh?" "I never went to the doctor for any of them." You frown. 

"But it could of easily gotten infected. You could've lost a limb or something or-" You realise your mistake, and automatically feel awful. You pray you did not hurt his feelings. 

"I never been able to," he says in his dark voice. "But I'm free now. Free enough to take care of myself." You have absolutely no clue what he's talking about. Still, your heat breaks for him. The poor thing. 

"Well," you say," always look after yourself. If the whole world turns against you, you'll always have yourself. No one can take that away from you." 

He doesn't say anything, instead he just stares at the ground. You bite your lip. Hopefully, that wasn't the wrong thing to say. 

While you were talking, you had cleaned out the wound, and bandaged it. It looked less swollen after you cleaned it. 

"There. All better. You have anything else you need to get checked on?" He doesn't answer. You clear your throat. "Well, I'm going to go and see if there's anything else that may help. I'll be back in a second." 

You leave to go look for supplies. You can't help to be curious about him. He was so much more different than any of the other guys you'd met before. You gather up a few things, and head back to the room. 

You open the door, but find a surprise. He isn't there. There is a window open, and a note where he sat. You look out the window, hoping to catch a glance of him. 

You don't. You hope he's okay. After all, you are three stories high. 

But you aren't too worried, somehow you know the stranger with the metallic arm is okay. You look at the note he left. 

It reads: I'm going to go find myself and take care of myself. Thanks. 

Hope you enjoyed this quick one shot scene! I will try to write another quick scene in the future!:) thanks for reading!!

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