Dear Journal,
I fell in love with my crush, that had a girlfriend back home. For as long as I known him I hoped it would be a brother and sister relationship. It turned in into much more. --Short story For Movellas New Years Competition


1. December 26th - 31st

Dear Journal,

I found love on New Years. I didn't expect it. Like, never expected it to happen, but it did.

It was at a New Years party I went with my friends. I went with my best friend, Jason. He was my crush for almost a year. Until he got a girlfriend. She lives all the way in California and we lived in New York. I didn't understand how he loved a long distance relationship. Me and him have been best friends for our whole life thanks to my mother and his. For as long as I known him, it was hard not to like him. The fact that he will knew know my feelings for him kills me every minute in everyday. I don't even know if he knew I liked him. I still have a little feelings for him. We were on our way to our friends New Years party and I got ready at his house as we promised to go together, so we got ready. Jason loved doing my hair, it was a routine for him. So he straightened it for me as I did my make up. He told my I looked gorgeous that night. I blushed so hard and it killed me. I tried to hide it but it was so visible. Kinda made me feel weird inside. It made my heart feel warm. 

After we got ready we were going to go to our friends house, but it started to rain. Harder then ever before. I left my jacket at home because I didn't know it would rain. I guess it was a surprise for us on New Years. Jason gave me his coat as we ran to his car as thunder and lighting goes by. We ran to his car as he was covered in wet rain drops. I take off the jacket and give it to him when we got into the car. Just for a little laugh. He began driving, our friend, Alissa, lives almost 50 minutes away from us. It was hard for Jason to drive because fog blocked his way. We were close to crashing over 500 times. I didn't wan't him to think that he had to drive. I simply told him "We should just go home" . He didn't listen to me. It was getting worst by the minute. He could barley drive. "Okay, let's go home" he says struggling to drive back. It felt like a strong hurricane outside. He went to a parkway and stopped the car. He told me he couldn't drive in this, and I couldn't blame him. Like I said before, it felt like a hurricane. "We can stay here till it stops" I told him. He didn't know if it was a good idea, but we had no other choice. He agreed turning on some music as it was all just static. I took my found out and put in the aux cord. I played me and Jason's playlist we made a long time ago. 

We had a good time by ourselves on New Years. We ended up having an awesome time. We laughed and cranked up the music a little louder every hour. We ended up starving, so we looked in his car for food. He said he had some in there. But I ended up finding a note book of his. I ended up reading it when he thought I was still looking in his trunk. I read, " I remember the smile she gave me. It was the smile of love " . I immediately stop reading it because I knew it was about his girlfriend all the way in Cali . It would only make my little crush more, worst. I ended up finding a cooler in the back of his trunk pulling it out. It was a whole bunch of New Years things mixed with food. He told me it was from last year, but it was dry foods so I thought it would be fine to eat. They ended up with a little weird after taste but it was still good.

It was only 3 more hours until New Years. We ran out of ideas so I went outside as the heavy wind felt nice. We didn't feel rain because there was a top parkway connected to it. I pulled him outside as it felt fantastic. We danced as the music was playing loud. We felt little drips of rain in the parkway. We took all our energy out, screaming our lungs out and no one to stop us. It was a great time. We were doing it for about an hour. And it felt great until his phone started to ring. It was his girlfriend in Cali. It ruined my mood. He ran to the car as he was making a decision to answer it or not. He didn't answer it as he waited for it to stop ringing and the music to go back on. it made me feel good that he wanted to spend time with me and less with his girlfriend. It made me feel kind of special. We went back in and took a little snack break and we were talking about old moments we had. It made me feel more connected to him then before. Which was worst in my case because it made my little crush get bigger by the minute. He still doesn't know about my crush about him. Which was getting bad in my case because I wanted to tell him so bad, but then his girlfriend will end up after me. 

It was only 2 hours left until the countdown. And stuff started to get weird between us. And he knew it too. I changed the subject . I got out of the car as the heavy wind blew me away a little. I looked at the outside of the parkway as you can see the shiny stars up in the sky. He went out looking at them with me as he noticed it wasn't as bad as before. He also noticed there was a hotel near the parking lot. He told em he had emergency money in his car that can get us through. I felt kinda bad for him using his money on me. But he didn't mind. Which made my crush for him get bigger. I tried to stay calm about it, because crushes are normal, but this one wasn't like my usual crushes. He started his car as he drives to the hotel as he got us a room. He asks for a room with 2 beds as the girl who got the rooms looked at me and him and gave him the room key. I knew what she was thinking. We got into our room as we turned on the T.V as he scrolled through the channels. I checked my phone knowing it was one hour until the count down. He kept scrolling until he stopped on Victorious on TeenNick. That was my favorite show, was that the reason why he stopped scrolling? My crush got bigger. But I ignored it. We watched 2 episodes of it and talked the time. 

It was only one minute till to countdown. TeenNick was doing a count down as he grabbed confetti the room provided for their visitors. I poured some into his and poured some into mine. 10 . . 9 . . 8 . . 7 . . 6 . . I counted in my head as they counted as well "5! 4! 3! 2! 1!" I yelled as Jason stayed quiet. I raised my confetti without saying "Happy New Year" as Jason kissed my lips. My crush kissed me. I can't believe it. I don't know why he did it. It went on for almost 10 seconds. 

I ended up telling my mom I was sleeping over Alissa's house since we couldn't go on the roads and so did Jason. We ended up sleeping since all of our energy was taken out. Jason was knocked out on his bed. And I was in mine. I moved from mine and went to his. "Can we pretend to be in love?" I ask him whispering. "I rather have the real thing" he says as we stared at each other. We slowly went to sleep together.

This was an activity for me. For my first year not being with my family on New Years, this was the best New Years by far and I was happy to spend it with my crush. It was crazy, charming, and loving. I loved it for sure.


It was pure love at last, I knew I loved you when I laid my first eye on you, I got a girlfriend to deny my love for you. I'm glad I kissed you on New Years - Jason was here




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