Above and Afar

Orval watches her from Heaven, even falls for her.
Kale watched her from the ground, was banished for her.
Will the mortal fall for the Angel? Or the shifter?


1. The hidden afar

Tick Tock, Tick Tock. The clock could not go any faster could it? I sighed as I laid my head atop my desk.

“Is there a problem Ms. Foster?” My teacher, Mr. Collins, whipped smugly.

I lifted my head up and flashed a smile. “Of course not, sir.”

Mr. Collins shook his head and went back to explaining something about some theory. I closed my eyes leaning back in my chair. Why the hell does school exist? Suddenly I felt something hit my cheek. My eyes flashed open as I glanced around, seeing no one acting suspicious. I glanced down and saw a crumbled up piece of paper.

I picked it up and got the paper back to its original form. The paper said,

Gym, after school.

My brow furrowed. Who could have thrown this? And how did no one else notice? The bell suddenly rang, making me jump lightly. I guess the only way to find out who threw the letter is to meet up with them.

I gathered up my stuff, and waltzed out the door. The gym is only two doors down from Mr. Collins room, so it wasn’t like this was a huge hassle. I opened the door to the gym finding it empty, so I sat in the bleachers and silently waited.  After about ten minutes I started to stand up, only for someone to suddenly cover my eyes. I took in a breath and held it waiting for the person to speak.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, and I apologize for covering your eyes but I am afraid I cannot allow you to see me quite yet. I wanted to meet up to get to know you, but I am really shy. If you look at me I would probably run out of the room.” The male voice rambled.

Shy… Can’t see him…. This guy is weird.

“Okay….” Was all I said and I heard the male take a deep breath.

“What is your name?” He murmured, resting his chin on my head as if we were close as could be.

“Sage,” I answered, not caring if he knew.

“I’m Kale,” That name sounded familiar…..

I was in the gym for a while with Kale, asking each other random questions and making jokes. It was around six when we decided it was time to leave.

“You’ll see my face soon, but not just yet. Meet me again tomorrow.” He murmured as he ran quickly out the door before I could catch a look at him.

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