The Light


1. The First (and Last)

I bet at least some of you were scared of the dark as a kid.

You thought anything could be hiding in it, and you'd keep a lamp by your bed so as to light up the room. All those stories your mom told you about monsters under your bed used to creep you out, or maybe those Creepypastas you read before bed got you biting your nails.

Light wasn't my salvation. It was my source of fear.

When I looked in the mirror, I'd see them. Wispy little things, made of light. They'd brush against my reflection and snarl at me. I couldn't bear to have a mirror in my room because they would be there.  I don't even know why they made me so uneasy. Something about them put a deep terror into my soul. I hate mirrors, and I hate the light.

But the dark. I loved it. I wouldn't be able to see anything in that beautiful pitch black and that's how I wanted it. I wouldn't see those creatures bearing their tiny pointy teeth at me. Just black, no white.

I'd better turn out my lamp. They're in the window again.


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