Cant keep my hands to myself

When be Fan get to high that you drive crazy and you do all for have one of the 5Seconds of summer guys. Too crazy is just a bit crazy when you get in love with your one, you want to have it, ü think how have it, you go for what you want even you enter in the house of your star crush and ..... Read to know


1. My lovely guys

I'm crazy for 5Seconds of summer there's nothing more perfect in this world, one day I know I'm going to meet 5SOS guys and we will be together forever and no matter what did I have to do for have them they love me and I love them I know I follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, in all social network in the group accounts and in the personal ones . They are my entire life, I breath 5SOS so I got a plan to meet them it's probably little dumb but it's right I guess, if this don't work I'll have to write a new plan but for luck I been making a few plans more than a A) , B) and C) plan so we will see

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