Songs to listen to when you're a fangirl

I find that when you are fangirling, you need some fangirlish music to listen to.
So here I am!
And I take requests...



Okay so, i've been obsessed with Hetalia recently, and I needed some music to listen to, so here is my top ten.

Italy and Canada are my favorite, so sorry if it is a little one sided...

10. The stereotype song. My god that song is funny, stupid and hell it's annoying.
9. Marykaite Chikyuu: Chibitalia. Loads of people find this annoying, but I think its adorable...
8. Canadas complete introduction. Yep, his voice is hella quiet.
7. Hatafutte Parade: Romano. <--- It just made me laugh okay people?
6. Spain-La Pasión No Se Detiene. Heck this song is adorable <3
5. Pub and go.... No comment.
4. Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo: N. Italy. Yep, I love this song!
3. Hatafutte Parade: N. Italy. I've listened to this so much that I pretty much know the Japanese lyrics.
2. Canadian Please - by Gunnarolla and Julia Bentley. I don't have much to say about this one, apart from I love it, I've had it on repeat for the last three hours...
1. Marukaite Chikyuu: N. Italy. I like this version the best, but there is the others too... :)


Tell me your favorite out of these <3

Green Out XD

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