Repeating Days

Short story of Harry and Delilah's complicated relationship.


1. Crawling back to you



The door bell rang and i made my way to the door. I gasped. "Stupid.WHY DIDN'T YOU LOOK AT THE PEEPHOLE BEFORE OPENING THE DOOR?!"my brains yelled when i had opened the door and met his green eyes. it was like reflex when i shut the door but he was always quicker than me and managed to place his shoe on the way as he opened the door. i backed away from the door as he let him self in shutting the door. i glared him. "Go away." i spat. he looked tired. he had rings under his eyes what showed that he hadn't slept well his curly hair was a mess. why did i still care? and even though he looked like a mess he was a beautiful mess. that was one of the things what i hated about Harry, what ever he did he looked absolutely charming. "Delilah." he said quietly. gosh how i missed his husky voice calling my name. i mentally punched my self. "Harry go away." i said. "listen" he said. "no! you listen to me. GO. AWAY. i don't want you any near me." i yelled. the tea cup what was on my hand was now thrown at the wall. yeah. i  was angry. Harry didn't even move when the cup crashed the wall near him.  some drops of tea flying on his shirt. "Lilah please." he said taking step closer and i took step away from him. "i missed you. i am so sorry what i did." he said my back was against the wall and he was close. too close. my head hurt. my heart hurt. i was hurt. "please. go. stop lying. you got what you wanted why did you come back? she's not good fuck?" i spat harshly. he furrowed his eyebrows clearly he didn't like my choice of words. "i never did that with her." he said. i let a heartless laugh. "come on? everyone knows what you are. you don't give a shit about anyone. i was just fool and blind. good victim for you. where is she now? does she now that you here." i said. "i left her." he said. "i bet you did. you left her like you did to me running to next girl. what do you want." i said. "I want you." he yelled. "well you had me!" i yelled back. "leave me alone." i cried. i really didn't want him to leave. i pushed his chest trying to get him off me. it broke me more when he moved and stormed out of the door. i didn't want him to leave. i wanted him to fight for me. try to fix things. i wanted him to try to make me forget him so long until i gave in. my body collapsed to the floor i hugged my knees my tears  streaming down my cheeks. "no. i am not gonna leave you again." i heard his voice as i saw him walk back in. was i hallucinating? i bet i was. he lifted me up from the floor and sat on the sofa as i was on his arms. i couldn't speak. "don't cry. please." he begged whipping the tears of my cheeks. i froze and looked at him like trying to wake up from some bad dream but i wasn't sleeping and this wasn't a bad dream. he pressed his forehead against mine. "give me one last change to make it right." he whispered. i moved bit further from him to look at him straight into his eyes "you know i will always fall for you games. i melt at same second you touch me. you keep hurting me but i still adore you. i bet i would adore you when your hands would wrap against my neck chocking me to death. i hate that you have that power over me." i said. 

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