My Parents Tried To Kill Me

Life isn't what you think it is... Or is it? What if all your life was a lie and you could never know it? I'm not insane... You are.

*Short Story for my Creative Writing class, enjoy.*


1. Journal Entry #1

This is a story of my own. A story about the truth that Saturday. A story that no one wants to believe. But I swear to you, it’s one hundred percent true..

I woke up on a Saturday morning in fall. My internal alarm clock would always wake me up around six to seven in the morning. I stretched my arms and legs, yawning. I looked out the window of my room upstairs and the tree next to my window had completely turned a yellowish orange color. I smiled at the tree in satisfaction since it was fully in color and not halfway changed. I slid my long, pale legs out of my covers and quickly changed out of my pajamas. I hurried to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took my daily medicine. I frowned as the pills that usually slid leisurely down my throat almost seemed to not go down as well as I remembered. I looked back up at myself in the mirror as I felt a bit off and looked my face over. I was exactly the same as per usual, same thick messy black hair, same pale skin, same blue eyes that seemed to look lighter in color today. Everything was as usual but I could feel that something was off. I brushed off the creeping feeling though and opened the door to my room. Almost instantly, the smell of sizzling bacon and fluffy pancakes filled my nose as the aroma carried me down the stairs into the kitchen like it was lifting my feet from the ground and floating me towards it.

I was usually always the first one up; so seeing my whole family already at the table set me totally off edge. Like majorly on edge. Having major anxiety and OCD, you could understand that I don’t like change. I rue change in fact, to the point that it can be hard to switch classes every semester after midterms or trying to deal with with long pause in routine of summer. I gave myself a mental scowling before I smiled halfheartedly to my family and told them all good morning. They all responded back strangely in unison.

Now you have to understand some things before I continue this entry; I’m around seventeen years old now and since I can remember I had been bullied in school. I never got along well with my classmates for starters, I was very sensitive and shy which was a lot different than the outgoing boys in my class. My interests were more revolved around reading anything and everything I could get my hands on and watching all sorts of movies. Around the time most guys in my class were playing football and basketball; I was asking the librarian to order more books and could name off any actor or actress from my favorite movies. Either way, you get the point on why I was set out from the rest in my class.  It was never better at home either since my older sister constantly tormented me. She would figure out my fears and subject me to them whenever she could. I'm still scared of clowns because of her. She would also target my anxiety and attack it till I laid on the floor bawling. Truthfully, it wasn’t until my 14th birthday that I finally grew bigger than her and when she decided to send me into a panic attack, I had gotten carried away and hurt her so bad she needed to go to the hospital for a few weeks.

Anyhow, I'm running out of room on these few pages and it's getting very late, I'll continue later.


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