Balanced By Sadness

Sad Poetry

Disclaimer: have a tissue by your side at all times - i hop this does not cause any inconvenience.

So in this part i would usually say enjoy... but yeah, i hope you like it despite the sadness of it.

Thank you or taking a few seconds in your day to read this! Let me know what you think down in the comments!


1. That little while longer, my love

That little while longer, my love


I know I'm the one who's showing weakness

but your love for me makes the suffering seem yours

no one with the kindness of you, 

deserves the feebleness of I

every little while that passes,

the less i believe your words

if only i could repay the graciousness of you

but i am plastered to this loathsome bed 


intentions i can no longer explain


your forgiving puts my forgetting to shame




something i can never repay




but with the little while longer you have graciously given me,




i will never be able to requite all that you’ve done for me,





but this is all want you to know



i have learned more in this moment 



than i ever have



yet with a familiar tune





i love you

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