The Story of My-Love-Life

This is just a short story based on one important event in my life. I'm gonna keep it interesting and keep it 100% truthful at the same time. It's gonna seem like a made up story at times but I promise you it's 100% true


1. Intro

There once was a girl, let's call her Jen. She had a rough life; constantly moving, meeting new people, losing the people that she thought she needed. Jen was just starting high school and it wasn't very easy, it was a place full of people- different people, so she never knew who to trust. It was her first year so Jen just signed up for a bunch of mediocre classes, things she needed but not really necessary at this point in time. She went through an entire semester before things got so bad she made up the dumbest excuses to get away from people, she was tearing at the seems.

When the second semester began, she found herself in a few classes where everyone out waged her- they were all older or just carried themselves in a more confident way. Her normal classes were so boring and repetitive that this one class, a writing class was what she looked forward to all year. When she got to the class on the first day, my god you wouldn't believe the nerves. She had gotten into a bad fight with her boyfriend and things at home ruined her day before it started, she was just a scrub trying to hold it together that day.

She went through the whole class, not really engaging, not really standing out much. It wasn't until the end that things started changing. Jen caught the stare of a weird boy just looking at her from all the way across the room, it flattered her- but the things her boyfriend had told her about other guys made her scared. So when that boy talked to her she felt some light come forward that made her feel different, better in a way.

But that day, when she went home and tried to talk about that class and that boy.. It caused the worst fight of them all with her boyfriend. He accused the boy of the most horribly intentions, told Jen that it was just lust and nothing more because that's all anyone had ever wanted other than him. He just told her that he was the only one who could be different, and threatened her with bad things so she'd stay away from that boy. There was something else though, something that made her disobey him and continue. Days went by and that boy started to become part of her daily routine, someone she needed around.

She thought it was a harmless friendship, despite how close they'd gotten over such short amount of time. Jen believed that she still loved who she was with and that this boy couldn't possibly ever want her anyways. But the more time that passed, merely weeks, she felt a stronger bond towards the new boy in her life and realized the horrible relationship she was really in. That boy made her believe she deserved better for once, he brought the butterflies to her stomach- something she hadn't felt in so long. But highschool betrayed her, her friends started talking about the boy more and more- questioning her.

It made her so nervous-and for good reason. Because when her boyfriend heard he lost it, yelled at her and threatened the boy. "You're MY girl." He told her, he yelled to her. And she just agreed with him to calm him down.. But this time was different, she didn't FEEL as if she believed it anymore. When she thought about who she belonged to-belonged with- she thought of that boy. When it was time to be honest about her feelings..her world changed. Her now ex boyfriend had it in his head that they were still destined- still together. It made things with her new relationship so hard, because it was something that complicated things and wouldn't go away.

Getting that boy involved was all she could do, but the consistency of it was wearing the boy thin- he shouldn't have to deal with it and she knew that, she wished he didn't have to. But getting him involved, telling him the stories of the things she'd been through, is what got it all to stop- got her ex to understand and leave in a fit of hurt and despair. But what she couldn't have was the guilt, the memories just end with such a terrible ending. None of her exes, except for one, had left with bad terms. She believed that keeping the peace was necessary as long as it wasn't an absolutely horrible relationship. So she tried to fix it.

But this one, he couldn't let go. So it made her new boyfriend wary, impatient that she couldn't just let it go- after all he didn't believe that mending broken relationships into friendships was necessary. The new boy, he taught her that it wasn't okay to keep the people around that had hurt her- he made her strong and worth it. The new boy gave her hope that she could rewrite her future and get rid of the past. And as time went on she learned that not everything can be fixed, and it's what she had that mattered. The people that left were gonna leave, and if it hurt then it want worth it. That new boy became the thing she needed, the thing that made her forget it all.

That "new boy" wasn't new anymore, because months went by. And believe me things got so hard for them, they weren't close in age so it made things difficult- and so many obstacles came and tried to break them apart. And no matter how upset she got or mad, she would end up crying over how stupid she was for not just keeping her mouth shut. Because at the end of every day she thinks back, to the day she met that boy, and knows that she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for this boy. He saved her life more times than she told him about, but that's what made her love him more, that's what made her feel safe and trust that she was where she belonged.

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